How To Get In Shape If You Aren’t A Gym Person

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How To Get In Shape If You Aren't A Gym PersonMany people get in shape to feel they look their best. But sometimes I’d rather do anything but get ready to go to the gym. Changing clothes, packing a bag, commuting there and back, getting sweaty in front of strangers: it can all make you want to give up and chill on the couch instead! Luckily, there are tons of ways to work out at home.

There is no reason you should have to work out at a gym if you don’t want to. Thanks to technology, there are many resources for those who want to sweat it out in private. You can look a hot mess, and no one will ever know!

The best part?

Many of these home workout methods are free! Even those that aren’t, come at a way lower price than a gym membership.

Keep reading for my top tips on how to get in shape when you aren’t a gym person!

Stream Workout Videos

The easiest way to get your sweat on at home is to follow an exercise video. Now, these are not the VHS tapes of Tae Bo your mom did to work out at home! There are tons of YouTube channels that feature full-length workouts created by real trainers that you can access for FREE!

The hardest part is figuring out which routine you want to do! If you’re not sure how to get started, just type the kind of workout you want to do into the search bar. “HIIT,” “Pilates,” “yoga,” and “no equipment workout” are some excellent places to begin.

Bodyweight workouts are perfect for exercising at home. They ensure you don’t need lots of equipment and can jump right in to get started on your fitness. But if you’re a weight-lifting gal, fear not! You can find lots of online videos featuring strength routines, too.

Here are some of my favorite free workout video channels. You should give them a try!




Yoga With Adriene

Want a taste of online workout videos? Check out one of my favorite videos that I go to again and again below. It’ll have you sweating like you’re in a class but in the comfort of your living room!

YouTube video

Get Outside!

Just because you hate the gym doesn’t mean you have to be stuck inside your house when you exercise. Maybe you live in a tiny apartment, need some fresh air, or want a break from your roommate, partner, or kids. Whatever the reason, take your fitness routine outdoors!

One significant way that the outdoors beats the gym is that you don’t have to fight for space. Whether you’re jogging around the block or doing burpees in the park, you don’t have to wait your turn the way you do for gym equipment.

Doing an al fresco workout also makes it easier to exercise with a buddy! You probably don’t have the space to invite your pal to work out with you in your home, but you can run or do yoga together outside. Nothing makes a workout go by faster than having a friend who can motivate and chat with you.

If you hate routines, outdoor workouts are perfect for you. When you’re outside, you get to see, hear, and smell different things every day. This experience is way more exciting than staring at the wall while you’re on a treadmill! The varying temperatures and terrains also keep your muscles guessing, which allows your body to burn more calories than you would during a similar workout inside.

That’s not all.

We spend so much of our time inside, connected to the entire world through technology. Because of this, being outside for even a short amount of time feels refreshing! You get to clear your head by putting yourself in a different physical environment, which can reduce stress. Getting away from the constant pinging of emails and phone notifications while you exercise is the perfect way to reset both physically and mentally.

two women on ground working out together outside

Download An App

Similar to streaming workout videos, downloading an exercise app lets you get your sweat on anywhere you want, anytime that works for you. However, apps give you a little more focus. If you’re the type of person who will end up watching 25 makeup tutorials in a row when you started by looking for a workout, having an app on your phone is the perfect solution.

One awesome place to start is Grokker. This app has all sorts of workout routines, including cardio, yoga, toning, and much more for every fitness level. Their classes are taught by certified trainers who not only push you to be your best in the videos but are also there to support you 24/7. Grokker also holds you accountable by giving you a workout calendar complete with reminders to keep you on track. 

Daily Burn is another fantastic option. Just enter some basic info about yourself into the app, and they’ll give you a personalized plan of HIIT workouts to fit your needs. The app’s handy data tracker lets you log workouts and see your progress via stats, such as calories burned.

Daily Burn also has an online service that offers a wider variety of workouts, including cardio kickboxing, barre, and strength. Just like the app, they create a schedule just for you with exercises, rest days, and custom nutrition plans.

Read more about Grokker here and Daily Burn here!

blue gym equipment in a living room

Work Out Everywhere

What if you don’t want to work out at home nor the gym? Believe it or not, you still have options! The trick is to take every opportunity to burn a few calories that you can.

One great place to start is at your office—trade your old workspace for a standing desk or, even better, a treadmill desk. Merely standing up rather than sitting forces you to shift your weight and hold your muscles tight, helping you burn a few extra calories by doing nothing. Swapping your regular desk chair for a big, bouncy exercise ball is another great way to strengthen your core and torch calories without you noticing.

Forcing yourself to walk is another way to get in shape without really trying. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further away from the door of your office or the store. Walk to meet your friends for drinks rather than riding the bus. Go ask your coworker a question instead of calling or emailing her. These tiny changes can add up to a surprisingly big difference in your fitness level!

Did you know that household chores are another way to burn major calories? Mopping, vacuuming, washing dishes, and even cooking can all act as miniature workouts. The more you have to walk around, stand, and scrub, the better! Plus, you get the bonus of a sparkling clean house. If that doesn’t motivate you to get on top of your cleaning, I don’t know what will!


Anywhere can be a “gym” if you try hard enough! Anytime you find yourself just standing around doing nothing, wake up your muscles and get your heart pumping with some movement. Do wall push-ups while waiting for your morning coffee to finish brewing. Fit in some squats while you’re on the phone. Try some calf raises as you brush your teeth. These mini workouts keep your body active and are perfect for super busy ladies.

person standing on dark steps alone

Join A Sports Team

Did you love playing sports in high school or college? Many people play on teams when they’re younger, but let those hobbies die after graduation. But why let younger you have all the fun?

Joining a sports league or finding an active hobby lets you sneak workouts in while you are having fun. First, figure out your passion. Whether it’s pole fitness, swimming, martial arts, or hiking, almost everyone has a heart-pumping activity that they enjoy.

Once you figure out what you want to do, find your people! Research sports leagues and rec centers in your city that offer the activity you wish. Not only will you burn tons of calories while enjoying yourself, but you might also make some new friends, too! That’s why joining a sports team is a great way to put yourself out there when you move to a new place.

One of the main reasons people claim they hate the gym is because they don’t find joy in any of the typical gym workouts. If the idea of spending time on the elliptical or lifting weights fills you with dread, don’t do it! You won’t put your heart into it and, as a result, probably won’t burn maximum calories.

When you find the physical activity you like to do, it’ll have such a more significant impact on you. You’ll feel happier when you’re exercising and probably won’t skip workouts as often. Plus, you’ll be distracted by having fun, which may lead you to work out harder and for a longer time.

Try An At-Home Yoga Flow

If you’re a millennial woman, chances are you have tried yoga at least once. Whether you want to use it as a gentle stretch after another workout or as your routine, yoga helps you get long, lean muscles and a zen mindset.

Hitting a yoga class at a studio lets you connect with other yogis and get in-person adjustments by the instructor. However, flowing at home can still give you all the mental and physical health benefits of a yoga class without any of the downsides!

Maybe you’re sick or don’t want to drive in bad weather or are simply pressed for time. While an at-home flow won’t be quite the same experience, you can still quiet your mind while strengthening your body. Plus, you won’t be as tempted to compare yourself to others when getting into the poses when you’re the only one in the room. You can fully immerse yourself and get really into the meditation aspect of yoga!

One fantastic resource you can use to do yoga workouts at home is Yoga Download. This site lets you stream videos of all types of yoga anywhere, anytime. You can also download classes to keep for later or watch when you’re somewhere off the grid (like doing an outdoor workout!).

Yoga Download adds new classes each week, so you don’t have to get bored doing the same ones over and over. Whether you’re a total newbie or have been flowing for years, it’s easy to find classes you’ll adore. With options for every skill level and styles from ashtanga to yin, it’s a yogi’s dream! The site also offers similar low-impact workouts like Pilates and barre.

Check out all the awesome flows available on Yoga Download here!

person doing a plank on pink yoga mat

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or just get off the couch, fitness is an essential part of life. Where you do your exercise, though, is entirely up to you! Lots of people think that having a gym membership is the be all end all of life, but that’s just not the case. In reality, you can get just as good a workout in the comfort of your own home!

With oodles of fitness apps and online workout videos, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to at-home workouts. They are so convenient and perfect if shyness is what keeps you out of the gym. Your house isn’t the only place to exercise, though! Taking your workout outdoors, to a sports team, or even the stairwell of your office building can show you incredible results, too.

What’s your favorite way to work out at home? Have you tried any of these exercise apps? Do you prefer home workouts or hitting the gym? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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How To Get In Shape If You Aren't A Gym Person

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