4 Ways to Make Changes as Millennial Women & Future of Sustainability

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4 Ways to Make Changes as Millennial Women & Future of Sustainability

Gender equality has been on the agenda for a long time now, and we are starting to see some real progress. While it might be argued that equality should have existed since the dawn of civilization, and it still has a way to go, positive change is welcomed. Women have a voice like never before.

Coincidentally, this is also the age of sustainability awareness, and what better way to bring this to the fore than in a female-led business environment? If you’re a woman in business, the following are some ways you can make changes to reduce your carbon footprint and ensure a future where sustainability is at the core of your operations.

#1) Keeping Calm and Quiet

The old macho attitude to motoring, all noise and speed and pollution, is giving way to a more thoughtful era when getting there quietly and efficiently is the most crucial consideration. That involves electric vehicles, which are cleaner and less harmful to the planet. Companies with fleets of vehicles, be they sales representatives’ cars, trade vans, or haulage firms’ trucks, can help significantly by remaking their fleet in the new electric form.

The diesel-fueled dinosaurs of the road are now the bad guys, and it is the responsibility of business owners to do something about it, which calls for a rethink. If you are a woman in business, you can review a guide on EVs and their benefits regarding efficiency, operating expenses, and sustainability.

#2) Get a Team of Digital Nerds

As a positive side effect, revising your fleet is one of the changes you can make to help the environment, and it can also cut costs. Getting a fleet management software system can increase efficiency hugely because the software acts as an extra brain that knows all the details the managers are too busy to track.

That means everything from finding and sticking to the optimal routes to monitoring driver performance (including speed and, therefore, fuel consumption) and getting vehicles serviced on time to keep them operating efficiently. Fleet management software is like a digital team of nerds and fusspots who are always right.

#3) Fly Me to the Moon Without Polluting

For longer trips, fuel usage is out of our control, but aircraft manufacturers are looking into the subject, and who knows, one day, they may come up with something viable. As for ocean-going ships, improvements may be thin on the ground right now, and a return to sail power is unlikely, but then electric cars were unheard of a few years ago, so you never know.

There is more to sustainability than transport, of course, and factors that affect fuel costs in general need to be addressed in areas like heating and/or cooling. Those who live in cold areas may not appreciate this, but air conditioning is very fuel-thirsty and must be managed like heating.

#4) Harness the Sun

Interestingly, solar power should not be dismissed regardless of where you live because it’s about light rather than heat. Harness the sun to create power; you’ll reduce your carbon emissions, decrease your operating costs, and future-proof your business. It will involve a hefty upfront cost, but this is one investment that will keep on earning.

4 Ways to Make Changes as Millennial Women & Future of Sustainability

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