Funky Ways to Wear a Waist Belt

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While plenty of styles come and go, waist belts seem to stick.

They stay because they create that classic hourglass figure that every woman wishes to achieve. Here I describe five ways to wear the waist belt.

Shapeless Dress

This is a great way to add that natural silhouette to a tent or box-shaped dress. Depending on the design and pattern of the belt, this can also add an edgy look to the dress, making it more casual or dressy (depending on the shoes and accessories).

Over a Blazer

Wearing a wide waist belt over a blazer is a great way to make even the dressiest blazer more casual. It also adds a womanly figure to the boxy boyfriend blazer. This is a great look for an interview or even going out to a party. It gives a more sophisticated look to an overall classic style.

With a Long Sweater

This is one of my favorite ways to wear a waist belt. You can wear a long sweater with a belt and it can easily turn into a sweater dress, or you can pair it with some funky leggings for a unique look. This belted sweater can go well with jeans, or can just be worn as a funkier way to layer.

On a T-shirt

This is the simplest way to get that popular T-shirt dress look without having to dish out big bucks. The catch to this is that the shirt must be a little loose and long so that it billows like a dress when belted. This is also a look that can be paired with leggings, especially if your T-shirt is too short to be used as a dress.

With a Skirt

Here is a way I learned to expand my dress collection without going to the store. I simply pulled my skirt up over my chest and belted it, so that I have a cute belted dress. This is fun because depending on the shape and length of the skirt, it can vary what type of dress it will be once belted.

These are only a few innovative ways to wear a waist belt and stay trendy without having to spend extra bucks at the store for the latest fashions. You should, however, spend money on at least one comfortable waist belt so you can combine it with several items already in your closet. They are relatively cheap if you try stores like Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe. Enjoy looking fabulous!

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