10 Awesome Holiday Gifts For Your Fitness-Obsessed Friends

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I try to stay in shape but compared to a few of my friends, I’m a total potato. They hit the gym at least once a day and do everything from super intense CrossFit to hot yoga. Do you have a friend or family member who lives for exercise? I think we all know at least one person like this!

With tons of new and unique products coming into the fitness world every day, it’s easy to find a cool gift idea for your gym buddy. Even if you know nothing about working out yourself, this gift guide can help you find the perfect present. Whether they are into supplements, tech, or cute workout gear, this gift guide has something for every gym fiend.

Check out these 10 fitness gifts that your friend is sure to love opening this holiday season!

1. Personalized Vitamins 

Vous Vitamin

We could all use a little extra energy now and again. If your loved one has a super busy lifestyle but still wants to find the energy to work out, gift them a bottle of custom Vous Personal Vitamins this holiday season.

Vous Vitamins makes it very easy to ensure you are getting the right assortment of vitamins for your nutritional needs. To start, simply complete the quiz on their site, stating a few things about your health and diet. Based on your answers (or the ones you provided for your pal) they send you a bottle of your own personalized vitamins. These vitamins would make a great gift for a friend who runs races or hits the gym after a long day of work.

Vitamins make awesome fitness gifts for everyone, though, because who couldn’t use a little boost during the holidays? Between traveling, sniffling kids, lots of rich food and alcohol, and not enough sleep, Vous Vitamins can help us all get through it!

Learn more about Vous Personal Vitamins here.

2. Fitness Subscription Box

gift guide

I personally have a subscription to the FabFitFun box and can tell you first-hand that it is incredible! It’s a fun, girly box that is only partially focused on fitness. It includes a variety of lifestyle items like makeup, decor pieces, and accessories, as well as fun things that promote a healthy and active lifestyle. One of my favorite aspects of this box is that it includes all full-sized items rather than samples, which I think is a way better value for your money!

The box comes out once a season so you can order just one for your loved one or sign her up for a whole year subscription. If you choose the annual subscription, she will be able to choose a lot of her items instead of being surprised.

The company also offers exclusive workout video content and a private community where you can connect with fellow fitness sisters. When you see all the cool stuff your friend gets, you might even be tempted to get a subscription for yourself! Receive $10 off the FabFitFun Welcome Box when you use code FAB10.

Learn more about the FabFitFun Subscription box here.


3. A Fitbit

Screen Shot 2017 11 14 at 7.10.32 AM

If she doesn’t already have one (or has an outdated model), a Fitbit is one of the coolest fitness gifts you could give your pal. This wearable device makes it super easy for fitness buffs to track their steps, heart rates, and more with crazy accuracy.

The Fitbit Flex 2‘s removable tracker can be popped into the slim, sleek wristband pictured above, a stylish pendant, or a pretty bangle. No more weird, clunky tracker that clashes with everyday outfits!

Along with tracking regular fitness data, this model also automatically tracks your sleep and exercise, plus gives you reminders to move throughout the day. Its waterproof design makes this a great gift idea for swimmers and those who sweat a lot. And with a battery life of up to 5 (!) days, even the busiest exercise queen can wear this tracker without having to remember to charge it.

Read more about the Fitbit Flex 2 here.


4. Workout Gear

Grove Retailer Retailer Detail Athleta Thumb crop P
Credit: The Grove LA


Is your exercise-obsessed friend also a fashionista? One of the coolest dual style and fitness gifts, some slick new workout clothes, gets your girl to the gym looking hot! Nothing amps you up for working out like looking amazing while you are there.

Athleta is a one-stop-shop for all things fitness. You can snag an entire outfit including tops, bottoms, underwear, and shoes all in one place! They even have a section for younger girls, which is perfect for shopping for your sporty niece.  Many of their pieces are designed with innovative performance fabrics that wick away sweat, offer UV protection, and are super soft and comfy.

Nothing says girl squad like matching gym outfits! Athleta has fun and colorful performance clothes for everything from yoga to running to tennis. For winter, they even have a collection of cozy sweaters, warm vests and jackets, and base layers so you can train outside. Athleta’s clothes are comfy enough to exercise in but stylish enough to wear out for coffee after you leave the gym. With a fantastic inventory of sports bras, tops, leggings, shorts, and accessories, it will be hard to choose just a few pieces!

You can browse all of Athleta’s awesome gear here.


5. A Smart Scale

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Whether your friend is an athlete or on a weight loss journey, a smart scale would make a thoughtful present. Far from just telling your weight, the Fitbit Aria scale measures BMI, body fat percentage, and more. Doesn’t that sound a whole lot easier than jotting down all these details in a notebook or something?

This scale can remember up to 8 user profiles, making it ideal for a gal who is on a fitness journey with her partner or who is part of a sports team. It uses WiFi so it can also be synced to her Fitbit tracker to advise how to achieve her weight loss goals. It even charts trends over time so your girl can visually take note of her progress. If your friend loves gifts that are both tech-y and fitness-related, this gadget should go on your shopping list stat.

You can shop the Fitbit Aria scale here.


6. Waterproof Wireless Headphones

Let’s be honest.

Nothing is more of a pain than getting tangled up in your headphones while you’re working out. One minute you’re jamming out to the Spice Girls, the next your earbuds fall out, sending your phone flying onto the treadmill belt and blasting against the gym wall. These little wonders prevent that, plus do so much more cool stuff!

The Jabra Elite Sports True Wireless Headphones record heart rate and other fitness data while giving the wearer personalized coaching right in her ear! They’re waterproof (ideal for swimmers), sweatproof (great for Crossfit lovers), and have a 3-hour battery life (the perfect gift for runners).

With their comfy fit and cord-free design, these headphones are amazing whether your pal is at the gym or commuting home from work. They even charge right in their case, which is basically magic! Give your fitness friend the gift of comfort, tech, and convenience this holiday season!

Shop for these earbuds here.


7. 24 Pound Dumbbell Set

If you have a friend who is into exercise, chances are she has some dumbbells at home. But as you get stronger, you need heavier and heavier weights. That takes lots of money and even more space! Help her save on both with these awesome fitness gifts.

The Power Block Sport 24 Pound Dumbbell Set adjusts at 3-pound intervals, giving the option of 8 different weights in one! Because they adjust between 3 and 24 pounds per hand, these babies work with any fitness level. Whether your girl is into pumping iron or Pilates, she will love adding these dumbbells to her workout routine. They take up practically no room, making them a great gift for friends who live in smaller homes. To be honest, I might add these to my own holiday wish list this year!

Grab a set of these dumbbells here.


8. Fancy Foam Roller

After a long, hard workout, it’s natural for your muscles to feel sore. Sometimes stretching can only do so much! Help your friend soothe her achy body with one of the most unique fitness gifts I’ve ever seen. This HyperIce Vyper Vibrating Foam Roller offers next-level recovery thanks to its 3-speed vibration technology.

The high-intensity vibrations paired with a ridged exterior replicate the feeling of a deep tissue massage at home. It not only loosens and soothes sore, stiff muscles but also increases circulation, making it a must-have tool for both warming up and cooling down.

The best part?

This foam roller is carry-on travel approved, making it the perfect present for that friend who goes on hiking trips or yoga retreats around the world. Or, you know, wants to roll out after hitting the hotel gym at her next work conference.

Find the HyperIce Vyper here.


9. Fitness Planner and Food Journal

Fitness gifts are not one size fits all. Got a pal who loves to work out but is also incredibly type A? She will love this excellent organizer. The Fitlosophy Fitbook keeps her on track in every aspect of health and wellness so she can slay her goals.

The 12-week and weekly goal planners help you stay focused, while the wrap-up pages allow you to reflect on your progress. Log cardio, flexibility, and strength training workouts plus food, water, and sleep intake each day. There is no easier way to keep track of your overall health than with the Fitlosophy Fitbook. And did I mention that this book is just 5.5 inches square? The small size makes it easy to slip into even the tiniest gym bag.

Get a copy for your efficient exercise pal here.


10. Fancy Water Bottle

Everyone who hits the gym needs a good water bottle. In fact, everyone should have one! It helps you save money and packaging waste compared to drinking bottled water. If your workout buddy’s bottle is looking a little sad, gift her this fantastic option this Christmas.

The EnergyBlue Eco-friendly Water Bottle is BPA-free, so there are no worries about toxins (woo hoo!). Plus it’s great for both cold and hot drinks so you can carry your favorite beverage anywhere. The leak-proof cap, lightweight construction, and 18.5-ounce capacity make this bottle ideal for taking everywhere from the airport to the hiking trail to the yoga studio.

That’s not all.

The wide-mouth design of this bottle makes it easy to add ice to keep your drinks even colder or fruits to make delicious infused water. It’s the most perfect of fitness gifts! Who knew you could get so excited over a water bottle?

Find this water bottle here.


Need Even More Ideas For Fitness Gifts This Holiday?

None of the ideas above tickling your fancy? Or do you need another gift for your gym buddy? Check out the video below for some extra gift ideas your pal will definitely love.

YouTube video

Even if you don’t know the first thing about working out, shopping for your fitness-obsessed friend will be a breeze this year thanks to our gift guide. Whether she is a gym newbie or a veteran, a fashionista or a tech junkie, there is something here she will definitely love!

Which of these fitness gifts will you be giving this year? Which ones are you adding to your own wishlist? Do you have any other gift ideas for exercise buffs? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below!



Vous Personal Vitamins


Fitbit Flex 2


Fitbit Aria Scale

Jabra Elite Sports True Wireless Headphones

Power Block 24 Pound Dumbbell Set

HyperIce Vyper Vibrating Foam Roller

Fitlosophy Fitbook

EnergyBlue Water Bottle

Got an exercise enthusiast on your holiday shopping list? Check out our 10 awesome ideas for fitness gifts they'll be stoked to receive!

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