These Awesome Fitness Gadgets Will Show Stunning Results This Year

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Stay In Shape This Year With These Awesome Fitness Gadgets

Finding your body confidence can be hard at times. There are so many negative messages out there, but exercising is a helpful way of making yourself feel good. It’s beneficial for us both physically and mentally. Therefore, providing a vital benefit in our lives. Luckily, there are some awesome fitness gadgets available to help along the way!

Much like the rest of society, technology is having a massive impact on the fitness industry. Traditional exercise gear is getting a technological, modern-day makeover.

These fitness tech companies are far from gimmicky. With several awesome fitness tech gadgets taking off this year, we thought we’d go through some of the best out there. Whether you want to buy one for yourself or looking for fitness tech gifts, you have come to the right place.

1. Fitbit Charge 4

Ever since their inception, Fitbits have been flying off the shelves all around the world. And it’s probably because Fitbit is one of the best wearable fitness techs available!

The Fitbit Charge 4 offers the same tracking other devices of its type, alongside an array of impressive extra features such as built-in Spotify, GPS, heart rate monitor, and Fitbit Pay capabilities. It has a shorter battery life than its previous versions if you run the GPS continuously – only 6 hours. 

Additionally, the Fitbit Charge 4 rewards users for keeping up their performance levels and maintaining their exercise routines. Very clever!

Buy your own Fitbit Charge 4 here!

Fitbit Charge 6 Fitness Tracker with Google apps, Heart Rate on Exercise Equipment, 6-Months Premium Membership Included, GPS, Health Tools and More, Obsidian/Black, One Size (S & L Bands Included...

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body. It lowers stress, helps you sleep better, and keeps weight gain at a minimum. How do I know all of this? My Fitbit told me!

Okay true story, I have been a raving Fitbit fan for the last 5 years or so. So much that even though I am also an Apple fan, I would never exchange my Fitbit for an Apple watch. Here is why.

They have amazing customer service. So if anything goes wrong with your watch they have your back. And the new ones track EVERYTHING! Your sleep, heart rate, different kinds of exercise, weight loss, your water intake, count your calories, and for ladies, it even tracks your menstrual cycle. You can even talk to Alexa on the thing!

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2. Lumen Metabolism Tracker

Lumen is the world’s first hand-held, portable metabolism tracking device to measure respiratory exchange ratio accurately. And it claims to fame is that it is designed to “Hack our Metabolism.”

Here’s how it works.

Lumen tracks your resting metabolic rate (RMR) to determine if you are burning more fat or carbs. If you are burning fat, you are closer to your weight loss goals. If you are burning mostly carbs, well, you may have some work to do (maybe more physical activity) to get closer to your weight-loss goals. It does this by simply blowing into the device.

And it doesn’t end there. 

The device syncs to an app that includes metabolic tracking, personalized nutrition plans, and research on several other resources to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle overall so you can lose weight for good.

Lumen also has daily insights that improve your metabolism by improving metabolic flexibility. Metabolic flexibility is your body’s ability to shift efficiently between using body fats or carbs as a source of energy. And it’s scientifically proven to meet the gold standard of metabolism measurement (RER) in multiple validation studies.

Learn more about Lumen by reading my article Is The Lumen Metabolism Tracker Worth It? My Review.

Order a Lumen device by clicking here! Use my promo code MISSMILLMAG and get $25 off.

Lumen: Hack Your Metabolism

Are you ready to nail your fitness goal this year? For real for reals? You may want to try using Lumen! Lumen is the world’s first hand-held, portable device to accurately measure metabolism. Once available only to top athletes, in hospitals and clinics, metabolic testing is now available to everyone.

Use our promo code MISSMILLMAG to get $25 off of your order!

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3. PowerDot 2.0

The PowerDot 2.0 is the perfect gadget if you’re suffering from post-workout pain. This miniature device is portable and battery-powered, making it ideal for taking to and from the gym. So, you can also work on your muscle recovery if you need to.

It stimulates your muscles electronically to relieve pain and tension. The PowerDot 2.0 is particularly beneficial after a grueling session or if you suffer from regular injuries after your workout.

One of the great things about this device is that you can change out the electrode pads when they start to wear out—no need to replace the entire device.

Buy the PowerDot 2.0 here!

4. Nurvv Smart Insoles

This amazing fitness gadget by Nurvv is a treat for runners.

This clever insole fits comfortably inside your shoe and records important data. It then feeds tips and pieces of advice through its easy-to-use app. You can gain insight into your running technique, step length, foot strike, pronation and balance, and more. 

Get your Nurvv insoles now!

5. Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate

Have you ever heard of a vibration plate? Bluefin Fitness has several options, and they have amazing health benefits!

Just by standing on the device, you will burn fat, increase muscle power, improve core strength, and lose weight. Vibration plates offer a high-speed & multi-directional workout. The vibrating technology contracts and relaxes your muscles, causing your body to work harder to maintain balance and stability.

What’s the best thing about Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plates?

You can set it up anywhere in your home! To sump up, it means you can read, watch tv, supervise your kids, or enjoy a beautiful outside view while working out.

Buy a Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate here!

6. CAROL AI-Powered Exercise Bike

Yes, you read that right! Technology has advanced far enough that you can actually have an AI-Powered bike in your own home. Not only this, there are some pretty incredible fitness gadgets out there.

Every CAROL stationary bike is designed with years of research and the latest AI technology allowing you to reach your health and fitness goals with a short yet efficient workout. Moreover, you can have a wonderful HIIT workout routine right in your living room!

With scientifically validated protocols proven to deliver superior health and fitness benefits, CAROL is every fitness buff’s dream. It’s a fully automated bike that personalizes the resistance to you and continuously optimizes your experience via AI technology so you know you will get a full-body workout.

Order your CAROL AI-Powered Exercise Bike today!

7. Form Swim Goggles

Swimming is a great form of exercise, and it’s even better with these futuristic swim goggles. The Form Swim Goggles record real-time stats as you swim and display them to you via a smart display. Therefore, they make it easier than ever before to track your progress from the water.

Pick up your pair of Form goggles here!

8. Tangram Smart Rope

Tangram smart rope

Even the traditional skipping rope got a technological makeover! The Tangram jumping rope comes with 23 LEDs and magnetic sensors to track your workouts.

A skipping rope from the future also monitors important data around calorie burn too, with everything accessible via an app. Learn more from this review below:

Get yours now!

9. JAXJOX KettlebellConnect 2.0

awesome fitness gadgets JAXJOX - KettlebellConnect™ 2.0

Last but not least, in our list of awesome fitness gadgets, the JAXJOX KettlebellConnect 2.0 isn’t your regular, everyday kettlebell.

You can add and drop weight depending on what you want from your workout via its Bluetooth functionality. Who needs a whole set of weights, right? Especially when we are talking about home workouts where you may be limited by space.

Pickup your JAXJOX KettlebellConnect today!

With these pieces of technology in your toolbox, you will meet your fitness goals in no time.

And if you can’t get enough, here are some other amazing fitness gadgets worth checking out:

Stay In Shape This Year With These Awesome Fitness Gadgets

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