First Date Ideas for Dating a Senior

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When dating a senior, the dynamics can be a whole lot different from dating a younger person. Dating for young people can be unscripted, spontaneous and fun. While spontaneity maybe appreciated and encouraged when dealing with seniors, there is usually some limit to what you can expect or what they can accommodate.

The same thing applies to a first date with a senior. The rules (or lack of one) that exist between younger dating folk may not apply here. While the younger folks can engage in a wide variety of activities, older folks will have a limited repertoire of what they can engage in.

Since we understand that seniors have likely been out of the game for quite some time, we will try in this article to provide them with some suggestions on how they can go about a first date.

We will not just assume that this date will be between two seniors. We will allow for the possibility that it could also be between a senior and a younger person. We will, therefore, look at the issue from these two angles.

Things to Understand Before Going on a Date with a Senior

Whether it is a case of two seniors going on a first date together or it’s a date between a senior and a younger person, there are a few important things you need to remind yourself of prior to this date. Knowing or rather reminding yourself of these things will help you manage the date better. You will know what to expect and what not to expect.

This article here presents a different angle which you should look at. We will look at it from another angle. The two should hopefully provide some balance.

They’ve Likely Been Out of the Game for a While

If you are a senior, then chances are that you have been away from the dating game for a while. If you are meeting another senior on this date, understand that this may also be the same case with this person. This means that the two of you should take it easy on yourselves.

If you are a younger person going on a first date with an older person, you should also bear this in mind and take it easy with them. Make them feel comfortable enough to loosen up. Having been out of the game for long can have an impact on their confidence. They may also be particularly afraid of rejection. How comfortable you can make them feel and how quickly this can be achieved will be an important factor.

They are Not as Excitable

Younger people can find fun in anything once they are attracted to themselves. This is usually put down to infatuation. Seniors have had a lot of experiences so they may not show as much excitement as a younger person may. Two seniors will understand this and find the excitement in younger ones around amusing and at the same time interesting.

If you are having this first date with a senior, don’t expect a lot of excitement. It may happen, but most likely won’t. If, however, you can get the senior relaxed enough, you may find yourself having loud laughs and a hearty time courtesy of the stories seniors are never short of.

They May not Have Bundles of Energy

This is almost a continuation from the point above. With an understanding of the naturally declining energy levels, you can plan the right activities.

First Date Ideas for Seniors

With all of the above out of the way, let us now explore some interesting first date ideas. Which of these ideas would work for you will revolve around the things you have found to be your shared interests. If however, you’re still at the stage of looking for how to meet seniors you can date, you can learn more here.

Think Picnic

A simple picnic is a good idea for two seniors to have a lovely first date. While enjoying the lovely outdoors and whatever meal you choose to share, you can get to know yourselves better and have fun doing so. Just pick a suitable location and let things flow naturally.

Try a Dance Club

If you find that the two of you love dancing, find a dance club around and go spend your time dancing away. You will have loads of fun, you will be in close contact and you will also not be under pressure to carry on a serious conversation unless of course, your date flows into that.

Visit the Farmer’s Market

You could also visit a farmer’s market close to you. This is both a safe and serene atmosphere for a slow-paced walk and light hearted banter. As you spend time with yourselves, you will know when to sit down for a more intimate “tête-à-tête”.

Try a Jazz Club

Are you both music lovers? Why not look for a jazz or music club and go have a nice time. You could look for where some of the songs that thrilled you during your youthful days can be performed. Sharing fond memories with a first date can be a very effective way of getting closer even as you have fun.

Go on a Simple Hike

A hike is another good option but for seniors who are strong enough for such an endeavor. Pick an easy route that is not lonely and certainly not dangerous. You can admire the surroundings as you chat on your walk. It will be both fun and beneficial to your health. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

There are a lot of other ideas that we cannot share here. You can, however, check a few others out here:


The first date as a senior can be as interesting as your first date as a teenager. The rules are basically still the same. Be sure to have your date in an open and well-populated location. You do not want to be alone in a secluded place with a first date.

Free yourself up to have some fun. Disabuse your mind from the notion that you can no longer have fun because you are now older. That’s a lie. You will be surprised at how much fun you can have even as a senior if you allow yourself.

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