Fatimah Moody: Inspiration for 2012

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2012 has arrived, and new goals, new dreams and new successes are in order, but fear and doubt have begun to settle in. You have continued to be a successful woman, but the fear of the unknown, fear of being alone and the doubt that you can continue on has been festering. Fatimah Moody, Founder/CEO of LinkVisum Consulting Group is an exemplary example of how to continue to push forward.

Fatimah Moody was recently on Inc.com’s 2011 Top 10 Black Entrepreneurs and LinkVisum Consulting Group ranked #193 on Inc.’s 2011 500 companies list. Fatimah obtained her Bachelor of Science in Finance and Managerial Accounting in 1990 from Syracuse University. In 1997, she received her MBA from Duke University and since then she traveled a long road to build LinkVisum , along with her husband Keith Moody who stands as the President of LinkVisum. Founded in 2007, LinkVisum continues to grow and much of the growth is attributed to the couple’s diligence and resilience.

In an interview, Fatimah was asked how she managed to get to this level of success while raising a family and doing all that she did. Fatimah responded, “Putting it all in perspective and staying true to the focus of the balancing act. I established certain boundaries. I wouldn’t sacrifice my family for the sake of my business, and there were certain goals I set out for my business.” The illustrious entrepreneur used her balancing acts to knock down fears and doubts and established a fast-growing company.

I sat and listened to her speak about how her story embodied William Henley’s Invictus. At the conclusion of the interview, Moody boldly said, “You are a brand. I am Fatimah, Inc.” With the arrival of the new year and new goals, hopes and dreams, constantly remember that you are the master of your fate. Take Fatimah Moody’s bold stance to kick fears and doubts aside. When doing so you can successfully build your brand; build the best you. Go out and cease 2012, fulfilling your divine purpose on Earth.

Fatimah Moody

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