Why What’s Fashionable Sometimes Needs to be Sidestepped for What’s Comfortable

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Dressing fashionably is a hobby — and even a lifestyle — for many. Designers are getting a lot better at creating clothing that is both fashionable and comfortable; the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Yet much of what is fashionable on one day or another is also uncomfortable, either because it’s not suitable for the weather or it’s just plain painful.

Sometimes what is fashionable really isn’t worth it because it creates more problems than it solves. Not everyone finds it worth it to be uncomfortable to appease the fashion gods; sometimes you just need to give fashion a swift kick (in comfortable shoes) and dress to live instead of impress.

fashionable sidestepped to comfortable

Improve Your Concentration and Mood

If you’re constantly wearing clothing that are uncomfortable, your crankiness level can zoom upward. Even a low level of discomfort can really wear on you as the day goes on, and by the end, you’re just about ready to snap someone’s head off. If what you’re wearing is annoying you to the point where you’re considering running off and becoming a hermit (because no one will judge your clothing then), you need to change over to more comfortable threads.

Even if you remain all sweetness and light in the face of irritation and constriction, you may be more distracted or have worse concentration because of the discomfort. And remember, sometimes the discomfort is not due to physically uncomfortable fashionable clothing. Sometimes it’s because the clothing hangs in such a way that you don’t feel psychologically comfortable in it, either. Regardless of what type of discomfort you have, if you switch to more comfortable clothing, you won’t worry so much about those hives forming around that itchy waistband or that excess amount of cleavage you wish you weren’t showing.

Better Your Brain Space

In addition to not worrying about how the clothing is making you feel, there’s a freedom that comes with choosing what you want to wear, rather than what you think you’re supposed to wear based on fashion magazines and peer pressure. Your brain isn’t going to be as taken over by choosing what to wear and worrying about whether you’ve mimicked a style.

Reduce Physical Constriction

This is one of the worse aspects of always choosing fashion over comfort. Again, you don’t have to avoid fashion entirely. But be more realistic about how you feel throughout the day and what will really let you move around. Too-tight clothing creates skin irritation and can restrict your blood flow, and even your breathing (though if it’s gotten that far, change, now!). You risk ripping the clothing by trying to move like a human being.

Tight skirts and super-tight jeans carry their own set of problems, namely the risk of falling over or being unable to run in an emergency. You don’t have to dress with backwoods survival in mind when you go to work in the office, but keep basic abilities at the forefront of your clothing choices that day. You need to be able to move if there’s a problem.

fashionable sidestepped to comfortable

Be More Alert

Whether you sit or stand at work, your shoes are really going to influence how well you feel at the end of the day. Bad shoes can make your feet and legs feel very tired. In turn, that can make you feel exhausted, like you’ve been running around when maybe all you did was type on a computer all day. You’ll also have the added emotional stress of dealing with that daily pain.

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Constricting your toes, bending your ankles because you were wearing super-high heels, and having the wrong arch underneath each foot aren’t going to do you favors no matter how pretty those shoes look. If you like your heels, save them for shorter outings, like dinner; for longer times like work, go for flatter, better-cushioned shoes, especially if you have to stand all day.

See People in a New Light

There’s something about fashion that can really divide people. Once you start choosing more comfortable clothing that is possibly less fashionable, you may find your friends moving into two groups — those who either support you or those who aren’t comfortable with your new-found comfort. In most cases, you’ll find people supportive. If you do find that rare person who begins to get nervous about the changes you’re making, though, you can deal with that person accordingly.

The very good news is that more and more, people are choosing comfort over fashion. This has led to entire ranges of clothing and shoes that were designed to look good while incorporating common-sense construction that offers the comfort and coverage you desire. Start evaluating what you own, keeping a journal if necessary to record how each outfit makes you feel. Once you identify those items that aren’t making you happy, it’s time to start clothing shopping.

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