4 Things You Need For A Fantastic Holiday Season

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4 Things You Need For A Fantastic Holiday SeasonIt may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be stressful. If you, like millions of others, find yourself stressed out, exhausted, and in a state of panic when winter draws near, it might be time to switch things up a bit. After all, you deserve to have a fantastic holiday season! 

Although it might be tempting to wait until early December before you start getting organized, it isn’t ideal. 

Planning will help to keep stress to a minimum and will also leave you with lots of time to soak in the festive atmosphere and be a bit more relaxed than you have perhaps been in previous years. Here are four things you should plan ahead on to keep your holiday stress to a minimum.  

1. Decorations

If your basement or loft space is awash with bags and boxes filled to the brim with holiday decorations and ornaments, it’s a good idea to sort through it all at some point during the year.

You have probably accumulated loads of different decorations over the years, many of which you have no intention of ever using again. By sorting through it all and donating or gifting what you no longer need, it will be far easier when the winter holidays come around, and it’s time to put your decorations up. You will know exactly what you need, and won’t have the hassle of sorting through everything else.  

If you intend to change your theme this year, have a look online for inspiration and plan ahead. As soon as holiday stock starts appearing in stores and online, buy what you need. If you leave it until the last minute, you are less likely to get what you want, causing disappointment and stress. 

2. Presents

If you want to buy some of the best holiday gifts this year, being organized is crucial. Leaving your gift shopping until the last minute is probably one of the most stressful things you can do, so don’t make it hard for yourself. Ask family and friends for gift ideas, make a list, and start buying as soon as you can. Many people start gift shopping in January, which can not only save money but makes the whole experience far more relaxed. 

Gift shopping can also take its toll on your finances but, by buying things throughout the year, you will be spreading the cost, which removes a lot of the financial pressure that many people face during the holiday season.

To strike some inspiration and help you get started on your present ideas, here are some of our holiday gift guides:

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3. Holiday cards

Writing and sending holiday cards can be time-consuming, but using a more systematic approach can make it a lot easier. Keeping an ongoing list of names and addresses of your friends and loved ones and update them as and when necessary. This will make it a lot easier when the time comes to send your cards.

Although you can keep a written list, a digital version will make it far easier to amend. If you have the facility, export your list into label format and print labels for your envelopes.

When writing your cards, state who they are from but don’t note who they are to. That way, you can pop all your cards in envelopes and won’t have to spend hours making sure the right card is in the proper envelope. If you arent overly bothered about cards and are only doing it out of habit, you could, of course, not bother sending any at all.

Yes, it’s traditional, and yes, its nice letting people know you are thinking of them, but the truth is, it’s not great for the environment, and many people won’t even notice. 

4. Food 

Although you can’t buy fresh food in advance, you can buy your non-perishables throughout the year. Make a list of the things you are likely to need, and each time you visit the grocery store, buy a few holiday items. Not only does it help to spread the cost, but it also ensures that you don’t struggle to get any essential items nearer the time when stocks start running low. 

A similar situation applies to alcohol. Nice wine doesn’t come cheap, so why not buy a bottle a month? By the time December hits, you will be very organized and won’t have a substantial financial outlay. Even better, shop with 90 Plus Cellars to get amazing wine shipped right to your door for a budget-friendly cost.

Preparing a big dinner can be extremely stressful, so don’t be frightened to ask for help. If you have guests coming over, why not agree in advance that each of you prepares one course? Having everyone muck in is a great way to get the whole family involved and will help to make sure the day goes without a hitch.


Making sure these four things are in order will help you have a fantastic holiday season. Remember, though, this season is mostly about spending time with friends, family, and loved ones. Enjoy!

4 Things You Need For A Fantastic Holiday Season

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