Ethical Lingerie: 6 Reasons Why It’s Good for Your Body

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Lingerie is the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night, yet how often do you really give thought to what you’re wearing on your body?

Most women wear lingerie for two reasons: for support or for enhancement. Sometimes you want something that makes you feel great but also looks great. Today, at many big-name box stores, you’ll find lingerie that’s either one or the other. It also usually alters the shape of your body, whether it’s through harsh wires or inches of foam padding. 

All of these things add up over time. Your body, in fact, doesn’t need to be “enhanced” by these pads and straps. You need lingerie that celebrates the body you’re given and does no harm along the way. That’s where ethical lingerie comes in. In this guide, we’ll talk about why ethical lingerie is so good for your body and your mind.

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1. Promote Your Health

If you’re not careful about what materials you’re wearing, you might actually be harming your body.  Women in particular need to be careful about what they’re putting near their nether regions. There is such a thing as unhealthy underwear, and this is usually synthetic fabrics that aren’t breathable and are prone to bacteria growth. 

Wearing organic, vegan underwear made of a material like hemp, cotton, bamboo, and so on will help boost your vaginal health. You’ll not only feel more comfortable without those scratchy, unnatural fabrics, but you’ll also be less prone to infection. As a woman, you need to be careful about what you’re putting on your body. 

2. Fight Fast Fashion

While this won’t directly translate to helping your body, knowing that you’re not feeding into the harmful fast fashion industry will help you feel better about your choices. We’re all starting to realize just how harmful fast fashion can be, and this is true even of the underwear we wear. 

Paying attention to how your lingerie is made will give you more confidence as a mindful consumer. Fast fashion isn’t something we can fix overnight, but these small changes will go a long way to making our world a better place. 

3. Encourage Body Positivity

The body positivity is here to stay, so why not bring it into your lingerie as well. While it might be fun to look into the flashy designs of trendy stores like Victoria Secret, these come with a cost of their own. These brands don’t promote body positivity, and they often cause women to feel down about themselves and their self-esteem. 

Because you’re worth it, wearing brands that support women of all shapes or sizes will help you realize your own inner beauty. While you’ll still find padding and other shaping features in ethical lingerie brands, there’s also a focus on letting your true form shine through. 

4. Limit the Chemicals

Did you know some underwear is treated with harsh chemicals? It’s true. Toxic dyes, pesticides, and so much more can be found on a lot of our clothing, and this can even be found on our undergarments. 

You always want to reduce the number of chemicals you expose to your body, so why would you slip on chemical-treated underwear? Ethical lingerie is always free from added chemicals and harmful dyes. Once you learn what’s really in those brands in your underwear drawer, you’ll wonder why you purchased them in the first place. 

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5. Help Women

Did you know what you wear can help women around the world? A startling 85% of the world’s garment workers are women. Most of them are underpaid, and they’re focused into unsafe, harmful working conditions. Even in the United States, garment makers are notoriously treated poorly. 

When you purchase from ethical lingerie brands, you know the women involved with the production were treated and paid fairly. Pay it forward with your dollar, and show that you won’t give money to industries that are harmful to women. Fast fashion is truly a feminist issue, so it’s time we start treating it like one. 

6. Save Money

Finally, when you shop sustainable fashion, you actually save money. While it might seem like you’re wasting money upfront when you buy more expensive underwear, you’ll actually save money over time. Who doesn’t want to save some extra money?

Those cheap pairs of underwear and bras you snag for a few bucks won’t hold up. Sure, they seem like a grad deal when you snag them in a buy-two-get-one-free deal, but they never last. They’ll break, cause wardrobe malfunctions, and generally aren’t a good investment. Sustainable, ethical lingerie is built to last. 

Join the Lingerie Revolution

While there’s a lot of noise about the harms of fast fashion and the rise of sustainability in fashion, what about lingerie? Don’t overlook this huge component of the industry. Change starts small. There’s a huge cost benefit of choosing ethical lingerie, and you’ll also feel better as well. It’s time to become an ethical consumer by joining the lingerie revolution today.

Your body is amazing, and you deserve to feel good about what you wear every day. Choose ethical lingerie the next time you’re in need of the right bra or underwear. It’s so comfortable that you’ll never want to go back to anything else. 

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