Embarrassing Ailments? You’re Not Alone!

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If you’ve got an ailment that feels a little embarrassing, then don’t fear; you are not alone! There are many people that will have similar issues. But as it is something that people aren’t keen on talking about, it can feel hard to find help. You might not feel too keen to talk to a doctor about the issue, even though they will come across this kind of thing a lot. Even things like excessive dandruff or a fungal toenail infection can be embarrassing to talk about, though they aren’t really that awkward or odd. But there are solutions to the problems that you face. So here are some fairly common embarrassing body and health problems and how you could deal with them. If things get serious, though, you do need to seek the advice of a medical professional.

embarrassing ailments
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If you’ve worn a dark shirt and had that sprinkle of white appear anytime you touch your hair, then you will know what I am talking about. But the cause of dandruff isn’t really known. The best thing that you can do is control it by the things that you put on your hair. Certain shampoos can make your condition worse. So it can be a bit of a trial and error. A lot of the cause can be down to dry skin, so there are some natural remedies to help you. Melting some coconut oil to use on your hair can work wonders. Just make sure you apply to your hair after it has cooled down a little! Leave it on for around twenty minutes and make sure it is massaged into your scalp. Rinse and keep it up regularly. Hopefully, you will be seeing a difference in no time.

Hair Loss

In a similar vein, hair loss can be pretty embarrassing and hard to take condition. Whether you are a man that is balding or a woman that is getting some bald spots, it can really affect your confidence. The main piece of advice would be to speak to a doctor. For females, in particular, it could make a big difference, and they might be able to get to the root cause of it. You might be prescribed something like finasteride 1mg tablets as they have shown to help hair loss, particularly in men. So don’t suffer in silence. Speak to someone, and they should be able to help you deal with it where possible.

embarrassing ailments


Not only can constipation be pretty painful, but it can be embarrassing to talk about. So many of us do just suffer on by ourselves. It is a hard conversation to have, right? But being in pain each day isn’t normal. There are things that can be done. It could be a problem with your diet, or in more severe cases, it could be a problem with the lining of your gut. The muscles in there could be quite tense, and so they can’t function as they should. If this is the case, then eating foods that are high in magnesium can help, as it is an excellent muscles relaxer. Foods with magnesium in them are things like dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, avocados, bananas, and dried fruit. You could also take a magnesium supplement.

Excessive Sweating

We all sweat, and it is completely normal to do so. But if you find that you sweat a lot, especially when you haven’t been moving or working out, then you need to start looking at things. It could be down to a heightened nervous system. If you feel stressed a lot, then look for some things that could calm you. In turn, they could help with the sweating. Herbs like St. John’s Wort and magnolia are great for being able to calm yourself. You could try deep breathing exercises or make things like meditation or gentle yoga part of your daily routine.

Bad Breath

This can be a really hard thing, as some of the time, you don’t even know that you have it. It can be hard to smell your own breath. But if you get a blocked nose quite regularly, then you could be a victim of bad breath, as it is closely connected to sinuses and mucus. You could try a saline nasal spray each morning to clear it, as well as brushing your teeth and tongue each morning and evening. Taking a supplement that contains vitamin C could really help too, as it will build up your immunity and help to clear any mucus.

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