Simple Yet Effective Ways to Brighten Unequal Complexion

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Simple Yet Effective Ways to Brighten Unequal Complexion fb

Women love taking care of their skin, and it may be unavoidable to have issues from time to time. Your skin gets to all kinds of elements like sun, pollution, and chemicals making it damaged, dry or worse. Some or all of these factors could become a problem and cause unequal complexion in the long run. During an inspection, you may notice certain areas of your skin becoming darker compared to others.

The uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation involves the irregular darkening of the skin caused by several factors making you look older than you are. The use of skin care products like Dr. Jart could help reduce dark spots, but you would need to get to the bottom of the problem to permanently solve it.

Before we can treat hyperpigmentation, we need to understand some of the causes of the condition. Some of which may be due to:

  • Constant exposure to the sun – regularly exposing yourself to sun’s harmful UV rays can result in brown spots and uneven skin tones. This is a result of too much melanin being produced as an attempt for your body to shield you from these harmful rays.
  • Environmental Pollution – environmental pollution like smoke, dust, and dirt results to free-roaming radicals to stick to your body, depriving your skin of the nutrients and vitamins it needs to look healthy and radiant.
  • Hormonal changes – increased hormone stimulation due to pregnancy or taking oral contraceptives may cause uneven skin tone.
  • Post-inflammatory incidents – specific incidents like scarring caused by acne lesions and skin injuries can result in skin darkening.
  • Stress – stress can decrease the amount of sleep a person gets, resulting in a more aged appearance like dark under eye circles, sagging skin, and a dull appearance.

brighten unequal complexion

With these factors in mind, you can at least pinpoint some of the direct causes of your skin’s appearance. If you are currently pregnant or taking oral contraceptives, a visit to the doctor may help you find safe solutions without harming your body. Otherwise, here are some ways to even out your skin tone effectively.

Picking the right ingredients

Certain products contain formulas that help even out skin tone by targeting pollution-causing components, reducing signs of aging, and brightening the face for a more radiant appearance. To achieve an even skin tone, consider investing in products with activated charcoal (to remove pollution), niacinamide or Vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid (for restoring the skin’s appearance), Vitamin C (for brightening and collagen restoration), and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids or AHAs (for gentle removal of dead skin cells).

Exfoliate once a week

Exfoliating treats uneven skin tone by sloughing off dead and dull skin cells at the surface. This allows better absorption of anti-aging products and speeds up the process of skin renewal.

brighten unequal complexion

Apply SPF daily

After applying anti-aging serums and moisturizers, you can secure your skin with SPF products to provide a layer of protection over your skin. If you are constantly working under the heat of the sun, reapplying SPF after 45 minutes helps ensure this layer of protection is intact.

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Additional tip: For an added layer of protection, carry an umbrella with you at all times to protect you against the sun’s heat when heading out. You can also use wide-brimmed hats if you’re going to the beach during the summer. To protect the sensitive skin under your eyes, wear sunglasses and apply eye creams regularly to prevent dark circles from forming.

Increase your vitamin intake

Increasing your intake of vitamins can help restore your skin’s appearance. Most vitamins are inexpensive and can be used in conjunction with your daily skin care regimen. Here are just some of the vitamins your skin specifically needs:

  • Vitamin A – is responsible for skin cell turnover which means producing new and healthy skin cells after dead skin cells are released from the body.
  • Vitamin B – helps even out skin tone by increasing blood circulation. Vitamin B also helps reduce age spots and acne scars.
  • Vitamin C – fights free radicals and brightens skin, making it look radiant and youthful. Vitamin C also helps in the absorption of other vitamins and minerals in the skin.
  • Vitamin E – similar to Vitamin C, Vitamin E helps fight free radicals which deprive the skin of its natural absorption of nutrients. Additionally, Vitamin E also hydrates the skin, thus preventing it from flaking or revealing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin K – helps fight hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and other skin conditions with dark discoloration by constricting capillaries under the skin.
  • Zinc – helps prevent acne by regulating the amount of sebum produced. It also works to protect the skin against harsh UV rays, thus preventing you from aging faster.

brighten unequal complexion


An uneven skin tone can make your face look dull and bland. It can also make you look older than you are which can affect your self-esteem in the long run. To even out your unequal complexion, it helps to target these direct causes by protecting the skin against pollution, providing a barrier against harmful UV rays.

To even out your unequal complexion, it helps to target these direct causes by protecting the skin against pollution and harmful UV rays.

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