Easy Organization Hacks That Will Make Your Space Way Cleaner

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After a long, hard day of work or school, all you want to do is kick off your shoes, throw down your bag, and not care where anything lands. The last thing on your mind is keeping things clean. And yet, you probably recognize that having an organized space would benefit you. Then you wouldn’t need to dig through piles of papers to find the one you’re looking for, or have to rummage on your floor to find that one pair of clean laundry. Think how much easier simple tasks would be if your space were just organized. Luckily for you, we’ve got some easy organization hacks that will help clean up your space in no time!

Use a Desktop Paper Organizer

One of the worst messes for me is having piles of paper everywhere. Even if they look neat, I still can never find the exact one I’m looking for. That’s why the first of our organization hacks is a desktop paper organizer. Mine saved me when I went to college. You can choose one with the amount of slots that suits your need. Mine has three, and I use one slot to put important school papers, one slot to put important mail, like pay stubs, and one slot to put miscellaneous other documents. With my organizer, it’s really easy for me to find the exact piece of paper I’m looking for, without causing a huge mess. Plus, it looks cute and neat on my desk.

Organize Your Pens in Mason Jars

pen organization hacks
See how organized my pens are?

Besides paper, the most common thing I have strewn over my desk is pens and pencils. However, you don’t need to buy anything fancy to keep those in check. I just decorated a couple of mason jars—they’re the perfect size for pens! They’re clear, so it’s easy to find the exact pen or marker I need, and the cute paint I put on them is a nice bright addition to cheering up my desk. Now whenever I need a pen to jot down a note, there’s one right there for me.

Group Your Books by Subject

This one of our organization hacks is especially helpful for those in school. As an English major, I have tons of books around my dorm room all year. It’s really important for me to be able to find the book I need when I need it. That’s why I group my books on my shelf by the class of which I’m reading them. Going even further than that, I look at my syllabus at the beginning of the semester and order my books in the same order I’m going to read them. That way, once I finish one book for a class, I can simply place it back on my shelf and grab the next book. I never have to frantically search for a book I need!

Make Your Bed Every Morning

make bed organization hacks
A made bed is perfect for jumping into after a long day

This is the easiest of our organization hacks, yet it’s still often neglected. As soon as you get out of bed in the morning, make your bed. It takes about thirty seconds, but it makes the room look infinitely cleaner and more organized. You want to be able to look at your room before you leave and feel good about the state it is in. When you have an unmade bed at the center of it all, it’s hard to feel clean and organized. Plus, who wants to make their bed once they get home? Then all you want to do is fall into it. If your bed is already made, there’ll be nothing stopping you from coming home and taking a well-deserved nap.

Organize Your Closet by Color

closet organization hacks
My organized closet saves me when I’m struggling to put together an outfit

This is the organization hack that I’ve been using for the longest, and I will never go back. I love putting outfits together. However, it becomes a pain when I have to sort through rows of clothes to find something that matches. It’s much easier to pull out a skirt, think, I need a red shirt to go with this, and find several options right there. If your closet allows it, hang up as much as possible—shirts, skirts, and dresses. This allows you to visualize all of your clothing options so you can pull out the pieces you want to wear together. Plus if you organize your closet by color, the closet itself is an incentive to stick with it. The first few pieces you put out of order will stick out like an ugly sore thumb.

Hang Up Your Jewelry on a Cork Board

jewelry organization hacks
Look how easy it is to find a necklace on here!

Picture this: you have a date tonight and you know you have the perfect necklace somewhere. Too bad they’re all in a clump on your bureau. And when you finally find the right one, it’s too tangled up with the others for you to even get out. Sound familiar? This was definitely the case for me before I decided to organize my jewelry. I just used a normal sized corkboard and pushpins and was able to hang all of my necklaces on the board. I stand it up on my bureau and voila, it’s super easy to take in all of the necklaces I have and easily pulls off the one I choose. No tangled mess and no frantic searching.

Get in the Habit of Putting Things Away

Now that you’ve implemented all of our other organization hacks, this one is crucial for keeping your space clean. Your room will look great with your papers organized and your clothes hung up, but the second you slack off on the system, your room will go back to the mess it once was. Get in the habit of putting things away as soon as the occasion arises. Finish laundry and have a bunch of clean clothes? Hang them up right away, instead of setting them on your desk chair to put away later. Bring home an important document? Put it right in the proper slot, so that it doesn’t start a new pile on your desk. You can’t just organize once. Organization is a process that you must stay dedicated to if you really want your room to stay clean.


Keeping your space clean isn’t the easiest task. However, with our organization hacks, you’ll be well on your way to having a neat space that you’ll love to be in!

Easy Organization Hacks That Will Make Your Space Way Cleaner


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