Discover Your Bridal Style From These 5 Beautiful Options

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Discover Your Bridal Style From These 5 Beautiful Options

It’s your turn to be the bride! Your special someone has gotten down on one knee and has asked you the million-dollar question, and the two of you have celebrated with the best bottle of bubbly in town. Now, it is time to develop your bridal style and plan your special day.

Planning your wedding is all about expressing your and your partner’s personalities. For brides, the wedding dress is the ultimate mode of expressing their style. But let’s face it. With a multitude of styles to choose from, shopping for your wedding dress can be more overwhelming than exciting. 

Everyone’s different when it comes to personal bridal style. It’s okay to be unsure about what yours is. This article will walk you through the most popular bridal styles so that by the time you finish reading it, you should be able to determine the type of bride you are.  

1. Bohemian Beauty

The bohemian wedding style is a favorite. Also known as boho-chic or hippie-chic, the bohemian style is popular in the fashion world for its free-spiritedness and influences from hippie culture. 

Boho wedding dresses make a perfect option for the brides who want to feel dreamy and effortless on their big day. Thanks to the simple silhouettes created using graphic lace and light-as-air fabrics, this wedding style creates an atmosphere of wonder and whimsicality. 

Even better, when opting for the boho style, you don’t have to put in much effort into picking accessories that match perfectly. Cascading bouquets, feather headpieces, and vintage mesh purses all make great options. Select a few simple touches here and there, and you will be good to go. Etsy is an amazing place to get your wedding accessories. You’re supporting individual artists, and often you can customize your order to be precisely what you want! Look at what Etsy has to offer here.

From large beach weddings to small-scale romantic elopements, bohemian wedding dresses are your best pick to walk down the aisle in if you want to create a magical aura.

2. Bedazzled and Detailed 

Love the idea of an intricately designed gown, but lace isn’t quite what you’re looking for? Well, a bedazzled wedding dress may be the perfect option for you. Often encrusted with beads and sequins, bedazzled wedding gowns are truly stunning and made for the bride who wants to shimmer in the light. 

You can choose from a variety of fabrics and styles like simple sequins or elaborate beading to achieve the look you want. But regardless of your preferences, a bedazzled wedding dress will present you with a glamorous bridal moment.

woman in ruffled wedding gown

3. Simple Elegance 

Having a simple wedding dress doesn’t mean that you will look dull and drab on your wedding day. Usually, simple gowns have the opposite effect; simple wedding dresses with fewer embellishments, less volume, and more streamlined silhouettes can create a tasteful sense of elegance.  

If you are a bride who wants your natural beauty to speak for itself, then let a simple dress be your pick. You can choose from a variety of fabrics based on your preferences. For instance, lace looks romantic, organza provides a great texture, and chiffon is lightweight. 

Consider customizing the simple wedding dress with additions such as an up-to-there slit, pleated skirt, signature sleeves, high-neck lace bodice, or sheer lace panels.

4. Whispy and Whimsical 

Dense layers of ruffle, organza, and tulle move aside—ethereal wedding dresses are capturing the hearts of brides now. Designers are currently working with a lighter hand to come up with unique variations for brides who are looking for self-expression, sensuality, and riveting beauty. Flowing tulle, sequin sleeves, delicate lace, creates soft and feminine silhouettes that are perfect for a romantic, whimsical look. With a free-flowing gown, you’ll walk down the aisle in an oasis of prettiness and with dreamy grace.

5. Short and Sweet 

It’s 2020, and new trends are entering the bridal fashion world. One such fantastic trend is short wedding dresses that are giving long gowns a severe run for their money. From structured to translucent, the coolest mini dresses are great for beach or courthouse weddings. What’s more, there are even wedding dresses that are custom designed to match your venue and bridal style. 

Short dresses are also perfect for an unexpected second look or pre and post-wedding events. The cropped length makes them a versatile addition to your wardrobe; you are not going to wear this dress just once.

Now that you aren’t far from the altar, it is the perfect time to discover your bridal style. Hopefully, this article has helped you find the bride you want to be. Etsy is here to help out with all of your finishing touches! However, don’t stress out if you don’t quite fit any of the styles mentioned above; you have plenty of other options. Remember, it’s most important to be true to yourself when it comes to picking a wedding dress. 

Discover Your Bridal Style From These 5 Beautiful Options

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