4 Different Vehicle Types and How They Can Impact Your Lifestyle

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There are a lot of different decisions you have to make as an adult. One of those decisions is what type of vehicle will help you to get and about! It becomes even more important if you live in an area that does not have a lot of public transportation options.

Let’s talk about what your life can be like if you were to own a few different vehicles or conveyances. Each one comes with positives and some potential drawbacks.

Vehicle Type #1: Motorcycle

Two women on a vehicle (motorcycle)

Pros of Owning a Motorcycle

If you own a motorcycle, you can live like a free spirit if the urge strikes you. You can hop on your motorcycle and take off on a cross-country trip. You’ll feel the wind rushing by you, and few things are more thrilling than that!

You can also be part of a niche that sticks together and supports each other. You can attend the huge bike rally in Sturgis, South Dakota every year or any of the smaller bike rallies in many other locations around the United States. There, you might make new friends who share your passion for riding.

Cons of Owning a Motorcycle

All of that is great, but motorcycles are also quite dangerous. Many stats back that up. For example, there were 82,000 motorcycle injuries in 2018 alone.

Also, if you own a motorcycle, your family might not like it very much. They may worry about you when you go out riding. If so, you might have to give up this hobby.

Or, at the very least, you’ll need to put on a helmet and pads when you go out so they’ll fret a little bit less. By studying up on motorcycle safety, it will keep you safer and your family less stressed.

Vehicle Type: RV

Man relaxing in a hammock with a vehicle in the background (RV)

Pros of Owning an RV

You might decide that an RV is more your speed. Like many vehicles, RVs vary by model so they can be the perfect home away from home for you!

If you have one, you can go on vacation with it. You can road trip around the country to see the many beautiful sights.

You might visit Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, the Adirondacks, or anywhere else that appeals to you. You can leave the travel trailer behind because of all the extra storage RVs usually carry.

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 If you have kids, though, you might enjoy heading out on the road with them and going camping. You can make some great memories that way they’ll cherish when they grow up.

Cons of Owning an RV

They do take up a ton of space, so if you have it parked in your driveway, there probably won’t be room there for any other, smaller vehicles. Recreational Vehicles can be pretty expensive, but if you have the money for one and a place to keep it, owning it can bring you a lot of pleasure over the years.

Vehicle Type: ATV

Woman riding a vehicle (ATV) through mud

Pros of Owning An ATV

An ATV is an all-terrain vehicle. As the years go on and updates continue to improve, you can even find an ATV with compatible Bluetooth for Androids and iPhones!

These can be great fun since you can go out in the woods. Just hop on your ATV, and you’re cruising up and down mountain trails. You can see how fast yours can go, and if you’re an outdoorsy sort of person, you might feel like this purchase is worth it.

Cons of Owning An ATV

One major drawback is that they are not street legal. In other words, you can’t take yours to the grocery store or drive it to work. Some owner manuals may tell you where you are and are not allowed to drive it.

They are also very dangerous, like motorcycles. The crash stats for ATVs are pretty bad as well. If you do ride one, you’ll need to be careful with it. Wear a helmet, and don’t ever drive it if you have consumed alcohol or other drugs.

Most ATVs will also cost you about as much as a decent used car, so they’re not exactly the most practical vehicle if you need a new way to get around. Still, if you have an unexpected windfall and want a vehicle that can provide you with some thrills, this might be the choice for you.

Vehicle Type: Bicycle

Woman riding a bicycle with a vehicle ahead of her

Pros of Owning A Bicycle

A bike is a great way to get around since you can ride yours to and from work–if your job is not too far away from your house. The original road bikes, these simple vehicles allow you to get some exercise, while also being better for the planet!

You can also ride it on the weekends and burn some calories. You might take it out on some nature trails or ride it through a public park if there is one nearby.

Cons of Owning A Bicycle

However, you can’t ride them on the highway, so if you have to take that route to work, you’ll need another method that can get you there. Also, you can’t ride your bike in bad weather.

If you reside in a region like the East Coast, you’ll need to understand that there will be multiple months out of the year when you’ll have to stow it in the garage or somewhere else.

Think carefully about which one of these vehicles or conveyance methods appeals most to you. Comment below if you have a type of vehicle that we didn’t mention and tell us why you love it! Happy riding!

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