What Are The Beauty Benefits Of Using A Dewy Humidifier?

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What Are The Beauty Benefits Of Using A Dewy Humidifier?

The secret to beautiful skin isn’t that much of a secret anymore. Most people are aware of the fact that to get that glowing, radiant, and hydrated skin of their dreams, they need to do a few things. These include picking the proper skincare products, eating a well-balanced diet, and drinking plenty of water. Part of your skincare routine should be using a dewy humidifier.

Many people use a humidifier when they are feeling under the weather, but did you know that it can do a lot more than help you decongest? A humidifier acts as a skincare tool if used properly.

Here’s a look at seven of the beauty benefits of using a dewy humidifier.

Get That Popular Dewy Skin Look

Dewy skin is having a major moment right now.

Let’s face it; moisturized skin always looks fresher and more radiant than dry skin. When your skin has that glow, it helps to keep you looking younger and more refreshed.

Because a humidifier is releasing moisture into the air, your skin will drink it up and in turn, look more radiant.

A great tip is to use your humidifier while you’re sleeping so you truly get beauty sleep. Just make sure you choose a large-capacity humidifier that is powerful enough to cover your whole room so you can experience the full benefits.

Get Help with Your Acne

Many people suffer from adult acne. It can be frustrating and embarrassing, so finding a way to combat it is usually a top priority.

Use a humidifier to maintain the ideal humidity level in your home to help your acne. Your skin will be more balanced, which means it won’t over-produce oil that leads to acne.

Just be sure that you’re keeping an ideal level of humidity, not putting too little or too much moisture in the air.

Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines

Using a humidifier also helps to smooth the skin on your body, particularly your face. This process will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and will start to improve the texture of your skin over time.

Enjoy Softer Skin

Do you suffer from dry, itchy, flaking skin?

Maybe you only have these symptoms in the winter when temperatures drop—drying out the air indoors. By circulating moisture back into the air, your skin will start to heal. You’ll notice the number of dry patches on your face diminishes.

You want to include a daily moisturizer into the routine as well to get the most out of the humidifier. This one by Oh K! is my absolute favorite. It’s only $15, lasts forever, and makes your face feel (and smell) absolutely amazing. Buy it from Ulta here!

Get Relief from Your Eczema and Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis are two of the most common skin issues people suffer from.

These skin conditions result in red, inflamed, dry, and itchy patches of skin that can be very uncomfortable. Adding moisture to the air will help to reduce all the symptoms and give you much-needed relief.

The key to getting the maximum benefits is to stay consistent in your use of the humidifier and use it on a regular daily basis.

Fight Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Dandruff is another one of those skin issues that can cause discomfort and embarrassment. Not only do you get a dry, itchy scalp, but the skin will flake off onto your clothing. While people are quick to reach for dandruff shampoos and conditioners, there is more you can do.

A humidifier can be an excellent way to give your scalp the moisture it is craving so much. Once your scalp is moisturized, you’ll notice less dryness, less itching, and less flaking.

Enjoy Less Split Ends

Does your hair look dry and lackluster? Do you have a large number of split ends, causing your hair to look frizzy?

Again, you can turn to the humidifier to help you out. Just as it imparts moisture into your skin, it can do the same to the individual strands of your hair. What this means is that over time you’ll have fewer split ends, and you won’t have that same level of frizz to contend with.


Using a humidifier is one of the best beauty secrets out there. With so many benefits, how could you say no?


What Are The Beauty Benefits Of Using A Dewy Humidifier?


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