Dating Myths We Need A Break From

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Are you the one, who has given up on the hope of finding his/her one true love because they have made peace with the right person, on the right time myth? Well, the good news is you’re not alone and the bad news is you might end up with either the wrong person or just single all your life. Fate sure does play a crucial role in all that happens to you but sometimes people just put up their faith in entirely useless myths believing that these myths are true and will make fate. News flash: The reality is far from these myths and there is no such rule that makes it forbidden for a girl to ask out a guy, first. So here are some dating and relationship myths that can be debunked right now.

Myth # 1: Calling him/her, first = Too desperate

dating myths

For the love of tinder, people need to get over their fear of being judged as desperate or weak for calling someone first. No, if the person you’re calling is someone you would want to be in a relationship with then there shouldn’t be a rule that stops you from making the first move. If you won’t and they won’t then who would? People who still believe in this age old myth might never get to be in a relationship because, A: they are too afraid of being judged and B: because this isn’t an old school dinner at your grandma’s place where no one would eat because you want the other person to start first. What if the person you haven’t called yet wants to be in a relationship with you but is not good with starting a conversation or has to urgently get some important things done and is not getting the time to call you first? The possibilities are endless and you shouldn’t be risking something like that over a pointless myth.

Dating Myths

Myth # 2: You’ve to dress to impress

Again, why is that even a thing? Yes, your dressing does make you look or bad but don’t let it define your personality or make that a standard to make an impression. First things first, you dress for yourself and anything that is worn to impress others is just like trying too hard or faking things up. Just wear something nice that makes you feel comfortable. What if you’re going on your first date, wearing a glamorous fit and flare dress just because you think it will impress your date or because you want the dress to look flattering you wear a waist cincher underneath. However, just as you two sit to talk or anything you end up being restless because you’re wearing something that is not you. The impression you make doesn’t solely depend on what you wear, so let’s just get over this myth.

Myth # 3: You’ll know if he/she is Mr. /Miss Right

Okay, butterflies in your stomach and everything like that is true and happens to almost all of us but not

dating myth

that it is a sure sign of finding Mr. / Miss right. You’re not a machine nor do you have an alarm system that starts ringing when you’re with someone who you’re meant to be with. So, sometimes the butterflies in your stomach maybe fluttering for the wrong person and even the most obvious of signs are leading you to someone you shouldn’t be dating in the first place. Similarly, there’s also a possibility that you might be distancing yourself from a person who’s actually nice but since there are no signs you’re just not taking it forward. Ditch this perception of knowing if he/she’s the one and you might be surprised by how lucky you can get.

If you’re dating with superstitions and myths then you’re not doing it right. Yes, these myths may have been realities but times change and so do perceptions. So, change your mindset and stop sticking to an imaginary rule book because there’s no such thing as that. Love for all!

3 Dating Myths We Need To Break

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dating myths

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