How to Cure Your Teen Acne Fast

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One condition that is hardly to be escaped as teenagers is acne. It can be embarrassing and frustrating that after making all preparations to go for your long awaited date, prom or any other occasion, only to suddenly discover this unsightly pus-filled breakouts on your middle of your nose or somewhere around you face, chest or even neck and back for severe cases. Teen is one stage of life when you are the most likely to be affected with this unsightly bumps. It has no respect for any occasion.

This is not a condition you get because you neglected your personal hygiene, ate greasy foods or masturbated. Imagine how many people would have it if it were to be so. For most teens, having this unsightly bursts can be very frustrating. Just when, as a teen, you’re beginning to be conscious and mindful about your appearance, acne breakouts can cause a serious loss of self esteem and lack of confidence.

According to studies, as much as 85% of the human race are affected by acne especially when they are young (particularly during teen). However, it is more severe in some teens than others. For some, the acne comes and goes without much effort, while for others, it takes a lot of effort before it goes and as well leaves a scar.

teen acne

Scientists are yet to discover why some teens’ acne experience are more severe than others. For some, this condition comes and goes without in no time, while for others it lingers to a point where it leaves behind scars. However, this condition can be managed and overtime gotten out of the way.

Causes of Acne

There are a lot of myths about acne; which is partly the reason why some people seem not to get results with their treatment. Let’s start debunking them, by looking at some acne causes.

Blocked hair follicles: One of the most common factors responsible for breakouts of acne is the production of excess sebum. When the body experiences this oil secretion and plugs on a hair follicle, it triggers breakouts of acne.

Increase of growth of bacterium: The teen stage is usually associated with the production of excess sebum. This secretion in turn causes bacteria growth (particularly the P. acnes). I guess you already know the result when this happens– acne!

Inflammation: Like we mentioned above, when the P. acne bacteria is overly produced, it causes an inflammation of the area, thereby causing more outbursts of zits.

Hormones: Hormonal changes is usually associated with the onset of puberty – whether boy or girl, and this as well is responsible for excess production of sebum. One hormone believed to be responsible for this production is the androgen. Another period of hormonal fluctuation is during the menstrual period for ladies.

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Stress: Even though it is still debated, stress is one of the factors responsible for the eruption of acne. This can be clearly seen from a test carried out on students. According to this tests, it was discovered that those with more stressful exams were more likely to suffer more of this unsightly eruption.

Outside influences: Sometimes, our lifestyle is what is responsible for our acne condition. There are a lot of our skincare routines and products we use that make us prone to acne. These products include: cosmetics, oral contraceptives and so on. Some of these products contain substance that aid the build up of the oily secretion of sebaceous gland and other acne causing agents.

Acne Treatment Options

The cure of acne is still not certain, but however can be managed and minimized. There are some treatments options for acne for different forms of this condition.

Over-the-counter remedies: This is an effective treatment for mild to moderate occurrence of acne. There are certain creams with doses of benzoyl peroxide or retinoid. These substances help to fight against the condition.

teen acne

Topical preparations/medications: This is another treatment option suitable for moderate acne. When the condition is still hound, chances are that this may be the solution.

Hormonal applications: This is commonly applicable for girls as it usually implies oral contraceptives. However, it can only be effective for not-too-serious forms of acne conditions.

Oral antibiotics: This is the treatment to go for when your acne condition is very critical and severe. For some people, it can lead to some serious side effects before the improvements starts to show up. It is usually advisable to consult a physician before opting for this option of treatment as it can result in some serious birth defects if not properly administered.

How To Keep Acne At Bay

Before we think of seeking professional help, there are a couple of things we can do to curtail the breakout condition.

Avoid over-washing: A lot of people think by washing their face keeps acne at bay. On the contrary, when the face is overly washed, it worsens your acne condition. It is important to note that dirt don’t play a role in getting and as such washing your face doesn’t get it off.

Take care of your skin: Even though over washing is not ideal for the skin; it doesn’t change the fact that the skin needs to be given adequate attention.

Eating healthy: Your diet plays a very important in the proper functioning of the body. The right foods can go a long to keep certain conditions away, and one of such is acne (although not yet proven). Eat foods that boost your body’s immunity, as well.

Drink lots of water: Even though it not scientifically proven too that water improves acne condition, the fact still remains that it is good for your health. Therefore, there’s no harm to think it will help.

Use of noncomedogenic toiletries and cosmetics: As much as possible, we should avoid anything that has to do with oil. Also, before going to bed, ensure that your make-up does not stay on you till the next day.

teen acne

Keep stress to a minimum: Stress and acne work hand-in-hand; lessen your street level, to minimize acne effects.

Avoid picking’ and scratching affected spot: It is always tempting to try to pick on the spots, but that’s not advisable. Getting your hands on the area affected only worsens the situation rather than improve it.

If you are a teenager, chances are that you’re already experiencing acne or about to. For some people, this condition can be so severe that it feels like hell. If you’re one of those with severe cases of acne, you may want to see the doctor for effective therapy for you. With proper treatment give, you can be sure that the condition will be well handled. Even if you’re case has resulted the scarring your skin, there’s still a way to get it off with laser therapy. Don’t let the appearance of this unwanted bumps affect you more than it should.

According to studies, as much as 85% of the human race are affected by teen acne. However, this condition can be managed and overtime gotten out of the way.

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