How To Create Shade in Your Garden Without A Lot of Effort

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Although we love having lots of sunlight in our gardens, it’s also important to create shade, especially during the summer. Too much sunlight and heat can harm your plants, and if you like to spend a lot of time outdoors, you might benefit from a bit of shade when it’s really sunny.

But how can you create some much-needed shade in your garden without completely blocking sunlight? Here are some tips on creating the perfect amount of shade in your garden.


Planting a hedge is a great way to ensure that your plants get a bit of shade if they need it. And what’s more, a hedge will also give you a bit more privacy by preventing passers-by from peering into your garden.

hedges are a simple and classic way to create shade

Thuja green giant arborvitae is the perfect choice for your hedge. This plant is easy to maintain, tough under all conditions, and extremely fast-growing.

This means you won’t have to wait long for it to start offering plenty of shade to your garden. Additionally, the thuja green giant is disease and pest-free, making it even easier to look after.


If you don’t want to plant a hedge in your garden, then perhaps you could buy a screen instead. A simple wooden screen is a great solution if you need to add shade to a particular area, such as an outdoor seating area.

dress up your trellis with flowers

If you don’t want something as solid as a traditional screen, a trellis covered in plants is a fantastic option that will add more life to your outdoor space.


Adding a parasol or umbrella to a particular area in your garden is a quick and easy way to get some shade. And if the weather suddenly changes, you can easily take your parasol down and store it.

parasols are basically giant umbrellas

You can buy outdoor tables that fit a parasol in the middle if you want more shade around your outdoor seating area. This will prevent you from getting overheated or sunburnt when you’re relaxing outside this summer.


If you only want to add a small shade, then a pergola could be the right choice. Since this structure is very open and only consists of pillars and beams, it’ll still let in enough sunlight for you and your plants to enjoy.

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pergolas are functional and pretty

Moreover, a pergola is great for creating separate zones in your garden, so you can clearly set apart your outdoor seating/entertaining area and your gardening/planting area. This will add purpose and design to your garden.

Shade Cloth

However, if you’re not getting enough cover from the sun with your pergola, you could always add some shade cloth to the structure or drape it over the top. This is a great solution as you can easily add and remove the cloth, depending on the weather.

shade clothes also known as a sun sail

You can also use shade cloth throughout your garden by hanging it up wherever it’s needed, like next to a plant that can’t tolerate extreme heat and sunlight.

Creating shade in your garden is important for you and your plants. Try out the ideas in this article to figure out the best shade solution for your garden.

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