How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone In A Pandemic

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How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone In A PandemicHow often do you step out of your comfort zone? In a global pandemic, it can be all too easy to stick your head back under the covers and keep to the things you know. But there are still ways to try something new from home this winter that can give you that added confidence boost. Try these tips for stepping outside of your comfort zone, even if you’re in some form of lockdown.

Find New Ways To Date

It’s hard to meet people when going to bars, restaurants, and other social gatherings aren’t safe. If you feel like you’re in a rut with your dating life, try experimenting and finding new ways to date!

Take to the apps, join some online groups, or try calling a chat line. allows you to find the best chat line for you, whether you want to have a friendly talk with a potential new friend or try something a little more steamy. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you shouldn’t have to halt your search for a special someone just because of a pandemic.

Signing Up For New Things

If there’s a hobby you might enjoy but never considered doing, give it a go! You might want to develop your public speaking skills or learn a new language. There’s a vast selection of things you can choose from without having to leave the house. Signing up for a new activity allows you to learn a new skill and develop the confidence you need to extend that comfort zone.

The same thing can apply to your career too. Is there something missing in your career that you could get from another job role? Although you may not think this is a good time to think about switching careers, if you are thinking about getting a job in a career that is stable and much needed in this pandemic, like working as a nurse or a medical assistant.

If this is the case, then signing up to try something new, such as online classes to get a medical assistant diploma could be just the thing to push you out of your comfort zone at the moment, as well as to help you to get to where you want to be. Look at your life at the moment and then think about what you could be doing or getting from life if you only push yourself a little more.

Switch Off The Social Media

Our current routine might include scrolling through social media and getting lost in someone’s latest Instagram feed. A social media detox will give you breathing space from the noisy outside world and will allow you to reassess.

Our phones have become a comfort blanket, so putting it down for a few hours a day might seem small but is an excellent way to spend some time with yourself. Step out of your comfort zone by calming your mind first.

Read our article How To Complete A One-Week Social Media Detox to get started!

Try Something Small Every Day

For some, it can be overwhelmingly daunting to think about stepping outside your comfort zone. But it doesn’t need to be a big event, it can be a matter of starting one small new thing every day.

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You might pick up a pair of running shoes and start exercising or even try a new hot beverage you’d never normally consider. Over time, you can build-up new habits or routines that take you out of your comfort zone without even realizing it.

As an incentive, consider documenting your progress. Take a calendar, planner, or blank journal and track each new thing you try. Looking back at your progress you make will be rewarding and motivating.


In times of uncertainty like a global pandemic, it might be tempting to fall back on things that make you feel secure. But if you can break out of your comfort zone in even the smallest of ways can help develop resilience, distract you, and ultimately make you a more confident person regardless of what’s happening in the outside world.

How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone In A Pandemic

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