7 Creative Ways To Cheer Up Your Best Friend

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7 Creative Ways To Cheer Up Your Best Friend

Your best friend is like your other half. So, when she is feeling under the weather, your job is to lift her spirits. Sometimes it’s not easy to put a smile on her face, but it is worth it. This time, she is not pleased with herself, but next time, it might be you. So, take a look at our list below to see what are some creative ways you can be more supportive and cheer up your best friend. 

1. Send a Meaningful Text

Let her know she is on your mind by sending a good morning or a goodnight text. It can be a funny picture, an inside joke or a photo of you two on holiday. Reminiscing about old times can evoke distant memories, which can help her experience pleasant feelings again.

Don’t let her wallow in self-pity and despair, but be there for her even in trying times. A small act of kindness, such as a sweet text message can brighten up her day, help her sleep more peacefully, and show her that you care. 

2. Room Makeover

Help your bestie makeover her bedroom! Throwing pillows on her bed is a simple way to refresh her room.

You can style her bed with pillows, where pillow sizes can vary from a standard sleeping size to a larger, decorative size. A variety of sizes allow you to play with decoration and go for a subtle or extravagant look. Of course, she can use them as a decoration and change the color of the pillowcases whenever she feels like it.

3. Go Out

two people outside making a heart with their hands

Another way to cheer up your best friend is to go out for the night. Find a place you’ve never visited before, or you both talked about it, but never got the chance to go there.

When she hears the music blasting, she will let her hair down and enjoy the night. Music has a therapeutic effect on people and helps them take their minds off negative situations and life in general.

Theme parties are very popular right now, and if she might want to meet someone new, these parties are a great conversation starter.

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4. Meet Old Friends

Think about the times you mentioned high school, college, or previous workplace. Maybe she would like to see some old high school friends or have a drink with some former colleagues

It’s even better to surprise her this way if her birthday is coming up. You can organize a surprise party where she could spend some quality time surrounded by positive people and catch up with them. Being in the company of people who love her can have a great impact on her mood and life attitude.   

5. Thoughtful Gifts

person holding out a gift

It is easy to go to a store and buy a gift, but making a personalized gift at home is a perfect example of dedication and effort. This thoughtfulness is precisely what someone who is feeling blue needs, proof that you listen to her and spend time thinking about how you can make her happy.

For example, if she drives the car every day, copy music onto a USB drive with songs she sings at the top of her lungs when she is at the club. If she has a sweet tooth, gift her a basket filled with sweets she adores. 

You can buy the perfect personalized gift from Etsy. Most of the artists on Etsy allow customizations on their items, allowing you to create something unique! Shop on Etsy now.

6. Gym Buddies

Going to the gym together is a great way to bond and reduce stress and muscle tension. With the aid of exercise, you release chemicals and hormones such as endorphins and serotonin. Endorphins will make her feel more energized and pumped up, and serotonin is known as a mood booster, which improves your state of mind.

When you work out with someone in the gym, you are more motivated and dedicated to doing exercises properly because your gym buddy is there to tell you if you are doing something the wrong way.

7. Go to the Zoo

If she is an animal lover, you can cheer up your best friend with a trip to the zoo. Take funny pictures and eat cotton candy, like you are children again.

Not only can she learn a lot about different species and their way of life, but she can also even sign up for short-term volunteering experience. Every experience is a new opportunity to meet fascinating people, strengthen and develop skills, and see how well you can adjust to an entirely new environment.


When your friend is not herself lately, don’t ignore this behavior or wait for it to go on its own. Address the situation and talk it over with her, even if it means discussing the same things every day. You might not have a solution to her problems, but she needs to know that she can confide in you.

What do you think would cheer up your best friend? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.


7 Creative Ways To Cheer Up Your Best Friend


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