5 Things To Think About When Buying A New Mattress

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5 Things To Think About When Buying A New Mattress

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So, here you are; a Millennial researching mattresses online, and now you’re stuck. I was in the exact same spot as you only a few weeks ago. I had zero experience with buying a new mattress as an adult.

On top of having no experience in mattress buying, I am a full-time student while also holding down a full-time nanny job. So how would I find the time to make it to the nearest mattress realtor to try out, haggle, and drag it home on top of my Honda Fits’ tiny roof?

Luckily though, thanks to the ever-expanding abilities of the internet, we can buy almost anything online and have it delivered straight to our homes without ever having to physically leave or talk to pushy salespeople (which is personally a huge plus for me). Something that I never really thought about doing online was buying a new mattress. Hey, don’t judge me! You only need to buy a new mattress once every 7-10 years. A lot of things can change in a decade.

With all that said, let’s jump into this mattress buying “how-to” so you can get a good night’s sleep ASAP!

1. When do you need a new mattress?girl sleeping in bed

If you have to ask, you probably already need a new mattress. Still unsure? Here are a few tell-tell signs that a new mattress is in your future:

Your mattress is old

The average age of a good mattress is eight years old. This timeline can vary from mattress to mattress, depending how often it’s used, quality, and the size of the person sleeping on it.


If your bed has a visible indent…it’s about time to get a new mattress. You have to be careful with sagging—I let my mattress sag right where I slept, and I woke up doubled over in pain. All bed types sag eventually, so this is an excellent tip for beds of all kinds!  If you suffer from back pain, for example, choosing the best mattress that can give you extra back support is essential.

Worsening of Allergies

Over time, dust mites collect within your mattress. Even with vacuuming, flipping, and other preventative measures, they can still gather. Pay attention to when your allergies flare up—if it’s soon after waking up or in the evening when you’re finally settling down, it may be time to shop for a new mattress.

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2. Buying a New Mattress Online vs. In-Person

Like I said earlier, shopping online now includes mattresses! Finding a reputable mattress store, lying down on dozens of mattresses that all feel great, all while being watched a little too closely by a salesman waiting to give you his overused sales pitch. 

As you could probably tell by now, I am leaning towards buying a new bed online. But how do you know which one is your perfect fit? I was very hesitant about purchasing a new bed from an online store without having the opportunity to try one out. But once I took the time to read more about online shopping and compare different companies, there were a small few that had a trial period! 

What’s another pro of buying online? The delivery of the mattress! Like I said previously, I have a small car. So the idea of me tying a queen size bed on the roof and praying that it doesn’t slip off on the way home was not ideal. Online companies usually roll their mattresses up into a convenient box!

Mind you, the box was cumbersome. My brother helped me carry it up the two flights of stairs to my room. It defiantly was not an impossible task, but a little help went a long way!

So while it might make you nervous to think about buying a new mattress online because you want to test out all the different ones at the store, there are way more pros to leaning into the convenience the internet brings.

3. Figure out what size and price is right for you

As a kid, like most of us, I slept on a twin-sized bed. When I was 14 years old, my mom upgraded me to a full-sized mattress. I stuck with this size up until now. I often do a lot of school work in bed while also sharing it with one of my dogs, Bruiser. I’m also pretty tall—5′ 7″ to be exact—so when I slept stretched out, my feet would hang over the bottom.

Obviously, as your bed size gets larger, so will the price. I decided to get a queen-size bed. I plan on keeping this bed for some time, so the upgrade was the right call.

Also note, if you decide to change the size of your new mattress, make sure you buy a new bed frame before the delivery of your mattress. I had forgotten to find a new bed frame, and I had to suffer on my old mattress for two extra days until my new bed frame was up and ready to go. It was one of the saddest moments of the year; going to sleep on my old mattress while the brand new one was boxed up in the corner of my room, mocking me and my past mistakes.

4. Why I decided on a DreamCloud mattressDreamcloud Mattress

I had to do my research before I finally decided on a bed that was right for me based on the material and price.  Growing up, I’ve only had the classic spring mattress, so I naturally leaned into buying a 100% foam mattress just to shake things up. Thankfully, though, I continued my research instead of just jumping on the first mattress I found.

Turns out, if you’re overweight, a complete foam mattress may not be the best fit! It turns out that a mattress with both springs and foam could work best for ~heavier~ sleepers, especially if you like a firmer mattress. The foam helps you sink into the bed for comfort, and the added support of the springs helps keep your joints and back aligned. You won’t wake up doubled over in pain. 

After going through a relatively short list of options that had both foam and springs, I stumbled found the DreamCloud mattress. It stood out because of how many layers the mattress was comprised of: a grand total of six! You read that right—the DreamCloud mattress is made with six different layers of materials to give you the best night’s sleep ever. 

What also caught my attention about this particular company is its 365-night trial. I could try out this mattress for an entire year to see if it is right for me! This was huge because of my uneasiness with making a major purchase online. I immediately felt so much better knowing that if I would have plenty of time to see if I loved my new mattress (or not). 

Dreamcloud mattress delivery

Lastly, the mattress delivery is free for residents of the continental United States. As I previously stated, my brother helped me bring my mattress into the house and up the two flights of stairs to my room. If you are unable or just don’t want to haul your mattress to your room on your own, DreamCloud also offers white-glove service for an extra fee. 

5. Reviews are your best friend!

Let’s be real—making a significant purchase online can be scary. Making big purchases online can be even scarier. But the great thing about the internet is that you can find thousands of people in the exact situation as you!

Do your research. I cannot emphasize this point any more than I already have. If you’re a nervous online shopper, reading reviews from people who have bought, tested, and reviewed the product honestly will always be your best bet to having peace of mind. 

Bedroom with new Dreamcloud mattress

At the end of the day…

I am personally thrilled with my DreamCloud mattress. It is perfect for what I needed and wanted to get the best night’s sleep. Check it out, and you may find that it is an ideal fit for you as well!

Use my link to get yours, and you can get $200 your purchase price here!




7 Signs That It’s Time to Buy a New Mattress

5 Things To Think About When Buying A New Mattress

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