5 Reasons Why You Should Build a Shed in Your Garden

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Most of us have considered building a shed at one time or another. A private getaway at the bottom of your garden where you can go and while away the hours. It’s the perfect place for all kinds of projects and hobbies and adds character to any backyard. 

You can, of course, buy a custom-built shed if you want. It will be delivered to your home and assembled for you. Alternatively, you can construct your own completely from scratch. If you are not sure you want to spend the time and money, however, here are five reasons to consider building a shed in your garden.

#1: Personal Satisfaction

Building a shed with your own two hands is a difficult job. It requires many material and complex techniques to put it all together. It’s very easy to get wrong if you’re not careful.

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It will take a lot of time to see your project come to fruition, but the sense of achievement will be incredible when you finally hammer in that last night. You’ll learn many new skills along the way and become much more accomplished in DIY

#2: Storage

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A shed is a great place to keep stuff. If you need additional storage space in your home, it’s a no-brainer. Use it to contain your gardening equipment, bikes, tools, and anything you don’t know what to do with.

And it’s much more secure than just keeping it outside in the open. Stick a padlock on the shed door, and it will be much more protected from burglars.

#3: A Workshop

Every homeowner needs a place to play around with their tools. This space in your garden can serve as your own workshop to start creative projects.

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You can make that bird feeder you’ve always thought about, fix up your bike, or even start an unusual hobby like wood carving or sculpting. And the best thing is, you’ll have a quiet place to use your power tools without disturbing anyone.

#4: A Home Office

Outdoor workspace in a shed

If you work from home, you may find it difficult to concentrate indoors. You have kids running around and too many distractions like the fridge and the TV. Your shed can be the perfect home office. It is an island of peace and quiet at the bottom of your garden.

All you need to do is install a desk and some shelves, add a comfortable chair, and start working. You will need an electrician to hook your shed up to the mains to use your computer. You can also decorate it how you like to make it feel more homely.

#5: Aesthetics

Even if you don’t use your shed, it is a fantastic addition to any garden. A shed adds character to an outdoor space and will provide a talking point when you have guests over.

Paint it any color you like and plant some flowers around the outside for added charm. You will soon wonder how you ever coped without one.

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