Breakfast for the Non-Breakfast Eater

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Are you one of millions of American’s that don’t eat or see the importance of eating breakfast in the morning? You aren’t alone; breakfast is one of the least common meals American’s eat.

Countless research studies have shown that eating breakfast reduces the need to overeat throughout the day, and it can help you control cravings that will negatively affect your diet. With American’s battling an obesity epidemic which experts say is expected to get worse, why aren’t we making use of the breakfast tip?

I used to be a non-breakfast eater, and I still am in some ways, but I try my best to emphasize eating something before stepping out of my house, because it is true: when I don’t eat anything a few hours after waking up, I am overly hungry and feel that my lunch has to be a big one to make up for what I didn’t eat earlier. This is what researchers mean by us overeating. If you eat in the morning, you will not feel like you have to double your midday meal.

But what if you’re just not into the big plate of pancakes, eggs and bacon with toast, or sausage links and hash browns? If you’re like me, then you just don’t find yourself in the mood to eat a large breakfast that may possibly upset your stomach and mess up your day. This is a usual occurrence for me during weekdays, because who wants to start off their day horribly by feeling too full?

If you want to reap the benefits of breakfast-eating, there is a way for you to indulge in something, even if you find yourself just uninterested in eating something before starting your day.

Before you try to make breakfast-eating a habit, it’s best to start off slow and then find out what foods you enjoy best for the morning. You also have to make sure the meal is fulfilling to reduce overeating come lunch time, and you also want to make sure you’re eating something that won’t upset your stomach.

Here’s a list of a few light (and healthy) breakfast meals to try out:


1 cup of milk or water, and a half cup of quick instant oats. In under five minutes you have a full serving of a good meal. Oatmeal has fiber, vitamins, iron and good fats. This small meal can be eaten with something else, particularly fruit.

Egg Whites

Cooking or simply just eating the white part of a whole egg is one of the healthiest eating choices you can make when it comes to eggs. Because just one serving of a whole egg will surpass your daily recommended cholesterol requirements. To keep yourself full, try cooking 2-3 egg whites.

Bagel (or Toast)

Depending on your tastes, bagels come in many different varieties, so you aren’t limited to one type. They can be eaten plain, toasted, with butter, or any condiment of choice. Same for sliced bread toast.

Smoothie’s (or Shakes)

You can make smoothie’s however you want, either with fruits, vegetables or a combination of both. If you find yourself uneasy after drinking milk, try skipping out on smoothie recipes that call for dairy. One of my favorite smoothie recipes uses no milk, and it only takes 5-10 minutes to make.

Healthy Power Bars

If you like to eat as light as possible, try power bars. These are not the same as snack bars. A protein or iron bar will provide you with energy and nutrients that common snacks won’t give you. When buying, choose wisely and be sure that you buy the ones that aren’t loaded with bad fats and high sugar content.

These are some of my staples. What are your light breakfast ideas?

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