Best Essay Writing Tools To Crack That Assignment

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It’s that time again. Crack out the new pencils and start setting your alarm clock again, as it’s back to school time. Whether you’re starting college for the first time or you’re a returning student, you may have decided you want to up your assignment writing game this year. If that’s the case, these are ten tools that will help you in your quest to up your grades.


Doing well in assignments means you need to increase your vocabulary. Having the right word to express yourself properly is important. It means that you’ll find it easier to get good grades. This website can help you achieve this goal. Give it a list of words you want to learn, and it’ll design quizzes for you that will help you get them down quickly. There’s also a tool that allows you to paste up to 100 pages of a book in, so you can create activities based on that text. It’s great if you’re studying a particular text in class.

A Research Guide For Students

Some of the toughest assignments for some students are research papers. Are you dreading being assigned any this year? This website can help you out. It has the lowdown on exactly what a research paper should be, and gives you step by step guides on completing them. There’s also very helpful guides on avoiding plagiarism, building bibliographies, and using footnotes and end notes.

Boom Essays

If you’re a returning student, you know that sometimes you just can’t juggle all of the assignments you have to do at once. What with your job, classes, and other commitments, it’s just too difficult to do. This writing service can help you out. You can send them your assignment questions, and they’ll be able to build you an assignment that’s guaranteed to get good grades. They can work to very tight deadlines too, which can be a lifesaver when you’re in a pinch.


Most students now own a tablet, a smartphone, or both. They’re also often on the move a lot, which makes finding time to sit down and write assignments somewhat of a hassle. This app uses the tools you have to solve that problem. It gives you a text editor that you can write in straight from your phone or tablet. You can even link it up to Dropbox or iCloud, meaning you’ll never have the panic of losing an assignment ever again.

Assignment Help

Part of good assignment writing is good proofreading. If you’re not checking your work before you submit it for mistakes, then you’re bound to lose marks. Even the best writers can make silly errors without realising. If you don’t have the time or the skills to proofread, this writing service can do it for you. They’ll take it in, check for errors, and edit it to send it back to you. Then you can submit it, knowing that it’s ready to be seen.


Thesis Generator

Do you struggle to get started when writing an assignment? You’re not the only one. When you’re given a question it’s difficult to know how you start building an answer. This tool will help you overcome that stumbling block and help you write excellent answers. It gives you a short form to fill in, with the details you’ll need to write your answer. Then, it’ll give you a completed essay plan. All you have to do is work from the plan, and you’ll have a perfect assignment every time.

Story Toolz

This site offers a plethora of resources for anyone who wants to improve their writing. This link takes you to some skill improving tools, such as a cliché buster, a word count meter, and a readability scale. Use all of these tools regularly, and you’ll find your writing improves as you become more aware of how you write. You’ll learn what’s needed to make your writing much more friendly and useful to the reader, and that’s what leads to better grades.

Essay Map

Are you more of a visual thinker? Then maybe traditional essay plans don’t work for you, as you can’t see how all the parts are meant to fit together. In that case, this tool is for you. It takes you through a step by step process, asking you for the details that will need to be included in your work. When you’re finished, you’ll have an easy to read flowchart that you can use to start building your essay. It’ll make your life much easier while writing!


UK Writings

Do you need a helping hand in writing your assignments? You’d like to talk to your professors and teachers, but they’re often too busy or just not available to have meetings with you. If you’re looking for someone to work with to improve your skills, try working with the writers from this service. They’re all highly qualified, and know just how to create a good assignment. Get in touch with them, and they can provide materials that help you understand how to put a good assignment together.


Plagiarism Checker

Universities have become more vigilant on plagiarism than ever before, and with good reason. It’s become easier than ever to spoof parts or even all of your essays. Of course, you know that you won’t get the benefit of your course if you plagiarize, but it’s easy to do accidentally. As the use of online sources grows, it’s easy to use a source that can raise flags about your essay without even realizing it. The best way to avoid this is to use this plagiarism detector. Paste in your essay, and it will tell you instantly whether there’s anything in it that your university would consider plagiarism. This way, you can edit it before handing it in, and going through a lengthy appeals process on your work.

Try these tools this year, and see just how much your academic writing improves. If you still need more resources, be sure to read essay writing service reviews.


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