4 Surprising Things You Did Not Know About Bengal Cats

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4 Surprising Things You Did Not Know About Bengal Cats

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My boyfriend Chris and I recently decided add a new addition to our family—our cat family that is. We already own a Russian Blue named Katniss and decided to get a more exotic breed this time around. We purchased a Bengal cat named Suki about three months ago. Turns out, there is a lot to learn about Bengal cats!

Suki is such a sweet house cat and so lovable. She love to climb, often enjoy playing in water, sleep in my lap when I work, adores Katniss, and has quickly worked her way into our hearts. I mean, look at how cute she is!

bengal cat napping on couch

If you are unfamiliar with the breed, Bengal cat breed are a cross between a domestic cat, Ocicat, and a Wild Asian Leopard cat. That is where they get those marble patterns!

About Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are more than domestic versions of their larger jungle cousins. They have a variety of coat colors to choose from. It is important to remember that there are only three primary breed-accepted colors: Brown, Silver, and Snow. The coat patterns can be either spotted or marbled coat within each color category.

Bengal cats with spotted coats are the most popular. Two-tone rosette markings, particularly large and random ones, are highly sought after. Also known as house cats that look like mini leopards.

Marbled coat patterns are derived from swirling blotched tabby stripes. Marble Bengal cats are attractive when they have horizontal flow, random pattern, and asymmetrical pattern. The first Marbled Bengal was born in 1987 by Jean Mill (Millwood cattery).

YouTube video

In terms of Bengal pet health, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and progressive retinal atrophy are significant concerns. If exposed, they can also contract feline leukemia. Also, testing Bengal Cats before they breed is necessary so that PK-deficient cats do not mate. It is a test that breeders must do on their own.

If you plan to breed cats, you may want to check Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). It is one of the last organizations to accept Bengal cats into their registries and currently hosts the world’s largest database of pedigreed cats.

But I have learned in the few months that we’ve owned Suki, is that there is more to  domestic Bengal cats we did not know about before getting her. Take a look at my list of items I bet you also did not know about Bengal cats.

bengal cats breed chart

1. They have a ton of energy

One thing that initially surprised me about Suki was her energy level.

I knew we should play with her daily. However, it turns out in order for her to be tired at night, she needs at least 30 minutes of playtime each day. Otherwise, she will keep us up all night meowing.

Bengal cats need to play to get all their energy out or else they can get destructive. On days where we did not play with her, not only was she loud at night but she attempted to take her frustrations out on our feet, the curtains, and on Katniss (playfully, of course).

2. They are highly intelligent

Another thing we quickly realized about Suki was how smart she is. We first discovered this when we noticed how quickly she could learn new things. She quickly learned how to get up on our very tall bed without jumping (since she is still so small) and how quickly she can pick things up.

We got her the cat puzzle toy below and I’ve seen her solve the entire thing in as little as ten minutes.

cat puzzle toy for Bengal cats

3. They have more of a howl than a meow

Suki’s meow is a funny one. While I do not have hers on video myself, I figured I’d share how much different it is from a regular meow. The first time I heard her do this, I thought she was hurting or something. Later I realized, this is just how Bengals meow…or should I say Me-howl!

4. Bengals should have a grain-free diet

This is actually a good fact for any cat owner, not just Bengals. The diet of cats or kittens that is free from grains can reduce the risk of ailments such as diabetes, allergies, or obesity.

Bengals are also known for having Bengal gut, which basically means they take the stinkiest dumps you can possibly imagine. While this is not the norm for Suki, she does have a very sensitive stomach. When she strays away from her normal food, we pay for it with the smell.PETSMART logoNatural Balance Logo

Luckily, Natural Balance Pet Foods® has a Limited Ingredient Diet which makes it easy on Suki’s Belly. PetSmart® now sells Natural Balance so getting Suki the best cat food means not having to go far for quality.

Shop Natural Balance Pet Foods® at PetSmart® here!

I love Natural balance since they have an unparalleled selection of quality pet products.

You can choose between wet or dry food and Suki and Katniss love them both. Suki really loves the freeze-dried meat pieces she finds. Overall, my cats are healthy and happy with this brand.

outside of petsmart storenatural balance cat food at petsmart

I am positive there are many more things I will learn about my Bengal cat Suki as time progresses, but one thing I can say is that there is nothing like having an exotic-like pet. Suki is really cute, and she is so fun to play with. If I had to choose again I would definitely pick a Bengal. They are the best!

4 Surprising Things You Did Not Know About Bengal Cats

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