How To Stay Physically And Mentally Active During Self-Isolation

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How To Stay Physically And Mentally Active During Self-Isolation

The current global pandemic requires self-isolation and social distancing to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, meaning we are all spending time at home! It can be mentally challenging to be stuck at home, even when we know it is for the best, and feelings of restlessness are common. It is important to stay physically and mentally active during self-isolation.

How to stay physically active during self-isolation

Here are some ways you can exercise and boost your physical health from the comfort and safety of your own home! 

Follow a workout program on a fitness app 

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While you may not be able to do your normal workout routine that includes going to the gym or a fitness class, you can still work out at home. You’ll even be saving time and money while you’re at it.

To help keep you motivated and to help hold yourself accountable, follow a workout program on a fitness app. Many people are currently looking at (at least) another month in self-isolation, so now is the perfect time to start something new that will keep you busy during this time, a great app to try out is the 30 Days Fitness Challenge that has challenges and workouts for every need and fitness level.

You can also take advantage of the fitness site Grokker, which is offering free signups through the end of April. They have all kinds of fitness programs you can follow online and stay physically active during self-isolation! Sign up for Grokker today.

Stairs are your new best friend

Stairs are your new best friend in self-isolation, as you can use them for exercise. Incorporate stair sets into your daily routine by starting out slowly and adding a few flights up and down the stairs every day. The more comfortable you get with being on the stairs, you can add in some stairs exercises such as double-step step-ups, alternating high-knee toe touches, step jumping lunges, and step sprints.

Have a dance party

Dancing is a way you can have some fun and stay physically active during self-isolation. Play your favorite tunes and get to dancing! There are also cardio dance classes that you can follow along to on YouTube and Amazon Prime. 

Play with your pets or children

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Pets and your kids are naturally great at making time at-home play time! Get outside to play some fetch with your pup and/or children and maybe come up with an obstacle course you can all do together. 

Put more physical effort into cleaning

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Cleaning is a workout, and if you put even more physical effort into it and deep clean your house, you can really work up a sweat! As we are officially in spring, spring-cleaning is probably on your to-do list anyway. While we are in self-isolation and cleanliness is especially important right now, it is a great time to go above and beyond on the spring-cleaning and daily cleaning habits!

If you want to read about other ways you can stay physically active, read our article 7 At-Home Workouts You Can Do Right Now!

How to stay mentally active during self-isolation

Here are some ways you can contribute to your mental well-being and keep your mind busy despite being stuck in the house.

Make a schedule and create a routine

Making a schedule and creating (or continuing) a routine is a way you can establish some sense of normalcy even when you’re stuck at home all day. Having structure during your day can help keep you motivated and productive, rather than slipping into unproductive habits and/or feeling down.

Using a tool like the Productivity Planner if often very helpful if this is something you struggle with. Check it out here!

Cultivate hobbies 

When you are stuck at home is a great time to cultivate new hobbies. Is there something you have always wanted to try but haven’t had the time to? Perhaps get lost in a book, start to paint or draw, cook, make music, craft, etc. Diving into a hobby or trying new things during this self-isolation can help pass the time. Even just having a creative outlet during this time will give you something to do. Introduce you to a new hobby into your life and give yourself a place to focus your mind and reduce stress.  


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Breathwork and meditation is a great practice to have established for everyday life, and especially during times of high stress. If you are not already meditating, now is a great time to try it for the first time and establish your own practice. Just remember, meditation is a practice and it does take some time to get used to it. 

For a guided meditation, you can use apps such as Headspace (free right now) and Insight Timer (also free). 

Limit screen time

It may be tempting to up your screen time while you are at home with all those shows you want to watch. However, limiting your screen time is worth it for your mental (and physical) health. Give yourself the time to watch your shows, relax, and recharge.. but then turn off your tech and spend your time doing non-tech activities for the rest of your day.

If you want to read more about ways to keep yourself mentally active during this time, read our article 21 Fun Things You Can Do At Home When You’re Bored!

While in self-isolation, do your best to spend time outdoors (safely) when possible. Get out into your garden or set up a table on the terrace if you have the outside space, as spending time outdoors is important for both for physical and mental health. 

How To Stay Physically And Mentally Active During Self-Isolation

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