8 Stunning Pieces of Jewelry That Can Match Your Outfit

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8 Stunning Pieces of Jewelry that can Match your Outfit


Some pieces of jewelry can only be worn for specific occasions. Whether they’re chandelier earrings, chunky jeweled rings, or multi-layers bracelets, they may be considered too dressy or flashy for everyday wear. Simple classic pieces that have limited shine or sparkle look fancy without the appearance of trying too hard. The following timeless jewelry pieces match and complement almost any outfit.

Silver Bangle Bracelet

Silver looks great on anyone with a cool skin tone because it compliments the blues and purples found on lighter skin types. A designer sterling silver bracelet with fine, straight lines will lay flat on the wrist and cut off the space between your arm and your hand elegantly. Bangles specifically can be layers with others to add more shine to any outfit. Most bangles will have small diamonds or jewels layers around it and often mimic another popular trend, the diamond tennis bracelet. 

Gold Long Neckline Chain

Gold Long Neckline Chain

For women who wear open blouses or prefer shirts with long v-necks, a simple gold chain necklace will compliment it. Even with a turtleneck or crew cut, gold will sit nicely on top of the shirt and add a bit of bling. You can easily transition this necklace from day to night, or layer another one on top for a boho look. This necklace will look great with a tiny gold bracelet, or big gold hoops on short or long hair.

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets used to be associated with children when interlocking silver posts became a popular trend in the early 2000s. Jewelry retailers saw the idea behind charm bracelets and made them chic by adding real gold accidents, chains, and diamonds. Charm bracelets can look great with nothing on it, or you can accessorize them with different decorative pieces to add a meaningful design. 

Diamond Studs

There is nothing more elegant than wearing diamond-studded earrings. Although hoops are just as versatile as their diamond counterparts, they could get caught in hair or shirts if you’re more active. Studs sit on your ear, don’t move, and add a bit of shine and sparkle. Traditional diamond studs are cut in a triangular shape with a single stone, but modern studs are made with a geometric bezel. Multiple stones are layers around a larger diamond to compliment and accentuate the size of the middle stone.

Analog Watch

Analog Watch

Digital watches were probably cool for a total of 5 years, while traditional analog watches have stayed classic since they were invented. There are many beautiful watches to choose from, and the size, band, and color you choose should match the color of your skin and your style of dress. For example, a leather band with a circular watch face will pair better with casual shirts and jeans, while interlocking chains with a square watch face work with professional or business casual attire. Watches are the perfect marriage between style and function and can be worn day or night. 

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Stacked Rings

Rings are a great accessory no matter the occasion because they are tiny, usually featureless and compliment formal or casual wear. Stacking rings have become a trend in the last decade due to their versatility and lasting impression. There aren’t a lot of rules to keep this accessory classy, so have fun mixing sizes, metals, styles or add multiple jewels. Rings can be gaudy if they’re too large, made of obviously fake jewels, or there are too many on each hand. Avoid placing multiple large pieces of gold jewelry on every finger, or you may look like a mob boss.


Necklaces don’t always work well with shirts that have open necklines, scoops, or v-necks because they’re too close to the neck or too loose. Shorter necklaces can have a similar effect as chokers, but they cut off the neckline to make the wearer’s neck look shorter. Chokers look great with short hairstyles or ponytails because the emphasis is on the collar bones. Off-the-shoulder necklines, v-necks, and sweethearts shirts can become more elegant if you wear a minimal choker. Plain, black chokers can complete every outfit perfectly, because they have no accents, no jewelers and no clashing colors.

Pearl Anything

There’s a reason why fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor have often been spotted wearing pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to go with all their outfits. The classic look and timeless design of a rope of pearls sitting elegantly on the neck and collarbones are so iconic that still, to this day, movie stars appreciate the allure and sexiness of these white spheres. The possibilities of pearls are endless, but they can bring sophistication to any outfit, including a casual shirt and jeans, or a long beaded gown.

8 Stunning Pieces of Jewelry that can Match your Outfit

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