7 Best Side Jobs Millennials Can Look for This Year

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Sometimes the day job salary just doesn’t cut it and you need to make some extra cash on the side. Or it could be that you’re looking for something a little more fun or a little more challenging. Many people take up side jobs when they’re considering a career transition, but aren’t sure yet whether their profession of choice is a good match. Another good reason why professional take on side jobs is when they want to go freelance.

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Whatever your reason for looking for a side job, there are plenty of options to choose from. In these days of the sharing economy, you’ll find lots of platforms on which to advertise your services or find paid gigs. Here are some of the best side jobs for millennials in 2017:

Freelance Writer

If you’ve got a way with words, put your skills to good use as a freelance writer. Head online to find freelancer sites where you can advertise your services and find work. Sign up to lower paying jobs at first and build your reputation to make more money over time. If you have a specialist area of expertise, all the better. Clients will pay a lot of money for well-written, factually sound copy. 

Instagram Influencer

Instagram influencers can earn big bucks in 2017. With a big Instagram following, work will start looking for you rather than the other way around. Think about your angle. Are you a travel blogger or a lifestyle blogger? A home cook or an advocate for sustainable living? Companies related to your angle may give away freebies or cash in return for a review or shout out.

Learn how to make money on your Instagram account here.

Online Tutor

In many countries around the world, learning English with a native English speaker is a rarity. With an EFL qualification under your belt you can teach students from around the world, all through online teaching portals. That’s a great way to earn some extra cash without even having to leave the comfortable confines of your home. Alternatively, use your degree and offer tutoring to high school students studying the same subject at a lower level. Teaching can be incredibly rewarding and you never know whether it might become your passion!

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Tour Guide

If you live in a big city or a small town with specific tourist interest, you could be earning extra money as a tour guide. Sign up with one of the big tour companies in town or advertise your own. Niche tours are increasingly in demand. Go on a beer tour of your city, show visitors the best street art on offer, or plan a tandem tour of the big sights. As long as your brush up on your local knowledge beforehand, you’ll be all set.


Being a courier these days doesn’t mean signing up for a job contract and committing to set hours. Working as a freelancer and using a site like Zoom2U you work your own terms, taking delivery jobs as and when you want them. The current on-demand economy opened up many possibilities for people interested in dedicating a limited portion of their time to side gigs. Have a look around to see what types of serves are available in your location and sign up to one that offers the best collaboration conditions. Offering faster deliveries will increase the amount you earn as will traveling longer distances.  Finding a job being a courier is a great career choice as it’s not a very stressful job to have on the side, try looking for a courier company in London as they will pay the most.

Dog Walking

What better way to earn some extra cash than out in the fresh air with man’s best friend? Office workers who have to leave their pooches at home whilst they work, regularly hire the services of dog walkers to go and take care of their pets during the day. With a few neighborhood dogs on your list, you can walk a few at a time and push up your profits. Not only that – you’ll be getting fit at your job too!

Become an Uber Driver

If you love driving and want to earn a bit of money from it, becoming an uber driver is a great side job! However, to make this worthwhile you must be prepared to work the peak hours. These will include early mornings and late nights, especially on a Friday and Saturday night! However, before you begin even thinking about becoming an uber driver, you’ll need to have an uber approved car. Finding uber approved cars isn’t as hard as it seems. Make sure you read the guidelines on Uber’s website and get a car which they accept!

Selling on Etsy

If you’ve got a talent for crafting, get your wares onto Etsy. The online marketplace for all things vintage and homemade has an audience of millions. With a little marketing savvy and some good photography skills, your handmade greetings cards, knitted scarves or painted plant pots could soon be in serious demand. Provide a reliable and quality service to get good feedback and keep your customers coming back for more.

Working a side job can really boost your income. But that’s not the biggest advantage of having a side job.

If you’re doing something you’re interested in, a side gig may even set you on a path to something bigger and better in the future. What starts out as a side job might lead you to discover your passion or talent – one that others are ready to pay for.

Whatever you decide to do, rest assured that for millennial workers, there are plenty of side job options out there. If you want more options, make sure to check out 17 Side Hustles that Could Potentially Replace Your Job (And How to Get Started.)

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Amy is a loving wife and a proud mother of 2 daughters. She loves to swim, run and write about business, communication, education and languages. She is a Content Manager at Zoom2U – a courier marketplace connecting you with the best couriers throughout Australia.

You’ll find lots of platforms on which to advertise your services or find paid gigs, these days. Here are best side jobs for millennials in 2017:


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