7 Healthy Places to go on Vacation

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People can get sick in many ways—spiritually, mentally, physically—and different places help Millennials recover from the various illness one can suffer. Whether you are stressed out about finding a new job and need to relax, questioning your identity or religion, or suffering from a cold, there are some great places to visit and rejuvenate.


Richmond, Virginia

This town offers clean air and a lot of room to exercise—especially for your dog. This state capital has several parks that allow dogs and many that let dogs go unleashed. If you want fresh air and a lot of room to run for yourself and your puppy, then Richmond, Virginia should rank high on your list.


Sedona, Arizona

Arizona at night
Photo Credit: Alberto Restifo

A hotspot for psychics, this town, while physically beautiful, can also offer some spiritual guidance. Sedona has several “energy vortexes” which, for those interested in New Age beliefs, can help you find inner peace by meditating on one. Of course, if you aren’t into that, you can always check out the various activities it offers, like hiking or mountain biking.



Seattle, Washington

Love fresh food (especially seafood)? Then check out Pike Place Market in Washington State. This fun market offers all kinds of fresh food for people to eat. The best thing about this market is, they throw the fish at you. It adds an element of fun to the market, elevating it above other fresh-food markets across America.

And don’t stop with the market, you should also check out the beaches where you can play a game of volleyball, or three.

Only, watch out for all those Starbucks in Seattle, if you want a healthy vacation, that is.

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Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh has lots of outdoor activities to offer, including biking, camping, and boating. The clean air of Umstead State Park can help clear your mind and exercise your body. It’s a great place for those who love the outdoors.


Denver, Colorado

colorado welcome sign
Photo Credit: Kait Herzog

Once again, the view alone could help heal anyone’s wounded soul. However, Denver also offers skiing, mountain climbing, and yoga! Every year the Yoga Rocks The Rock takes place from June till September. With a lot of city to explore and 300 days of sunshine each year, this place can help anyone pick up their spirits.


Salt Lake City, Utah

Love to ski? Then Salt Lake City will be food for your mind and some great exercise for your body. If you need to just get away for while then the snowy slopes are the perfect place to embrace the world around you instead of the problems in it. Just remember to bring a sweater.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

The fresh air here can help heal the body and the mind. On top of having pollution free air, Santa Fe has over 300 days of sunshine. Beautiful and old, it has activities to offer all kinds of people too.


Traveling is a great way to take a step back or it can help you to move forward. Different problems need different teach, and all these cities are opening their arms to those who need them.

Check out these sites, which tell you some healthy places outside of the USA.

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7 Healthy Places to go on Vacation


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