7 Habits To Gain Self-Confidence And Better Health In 2017

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A lack of self-confidence is one of the biggest problems that people face in modern society. People are constantly judged by their peers, and therefore may develop feelings that they aren’t good enough or that they are lacking in some area. This can be extremely harmful for a number of reasons, but especially because it prevents you from reaching your full potential in life.

It may also affect your mental health and your social life. However, the good news is that by following some simple habits, you can improve your self-confidence and gain better health in 2017. The following seven habits are just some of the many that you should try and pick up this year.

self confidence and better health

1. Try and learn something new every single day!

Learning new things is one of the best ways to improve your self-confidence. A very knowledgeable person will usually be relatively confident, and therefore will be able to stand up under pressure. You will find yourself more willing to participate in conversations (because you will actually have something to add).

You will probably learn things that will help you through life and will improve your standard of living. Who knows, you may even find out something amazing about yourself that you didn’t know before!

2. Teach yourself to smile.

A confident person smiles, a lot! It is very important that you teach yourself to smile. Smiling gives an air of happiness, approachability, and confidence, and makes people feel comfortable around you. If you think your smile isn’t good enough or lacks a little, then you need to work on it.

Visit the dentist regularly, and clean your teeth every single day to make sure they stay in good condition. You can even try a tooth-whitening treatment to improve your smile if you want to.

3. Try and take some initiative in your life.

Stop following the herd. The general life plan for young people in the 21st century is this: they leave school, maybe travel for a few months, go to uni, and then get a job that they probably don’t enjoy, just because it pays well.

Take some initiative and break the pattern! Don’t conform to society’s expectations or do what everyone expects you to do. You are your own person, and acting like it can have huge positive effects on your self-confidence. Instead of simply doing what you are expected to in 2017, take the plunge into the big wide world: travel, try new jobs, live in a new place. Do something that you want to do: it will change your life!

4. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else.

There will always be someone better or prettier or smarter than you. Comparing yourself to these people is a sure-fire way of setting yourself up for defeat. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else today and you will notice your self-confidence improve immediately. You will feel better about yourself, will be more motivated to strive for your goals, and will probably even find yourself feeling much healthier and happier.

self confidence and better health

5. Learn how to stay motivated to work out!

Regular exercise and physical activity is essential for people who are a little low in self-confidence. Working out regularly will help you improve your perception of your body image, will allow you to feel better about how you look, and will probably make you feel more attractive. These things are extremely important in developing high levels of self-confidence. Add the extra obvious mental and physical health benefits of regular exercise, and you will see that learning how to stay motivated to workout is very important!

6. Use mental training techniques to boost yourself every day.

Mental training techniques are an underrated and little used way of boosting your self-confidence. They are easy to use, can be used by anyone with very little training, and can be done almost anywhere. Some of the best mental training techniques include:

  • Meditation, which will allow you to let go of things which are bothering you and which may be affecting your self-confidence.
  • Relaxation, which removes stress – a key factor closely linked to confidence.
  • Positive imagery, which helps you lift yourself up and see yourself in a positive light.

Any or all of these techniques will both improve your self-confidence and will make you feel healthier in both a physical and a mental sense.

7. Realize that mistakes happen and don’t punish yourself for them.

People make mistakes. However, some people beat themselves up over their mistakes, and therefore suffer unnecessarily when they do something wrong. You need to realize that mistakes happen and simply move on afterward. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t let them affect either your mental health or your self-confidence. This will help you feel much better about yourself in 2017!

7 Habits To Gain Self Confidence And Better Health In 2017

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