7 Curling Irons You Need to Put on Your Wish List

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7 Curling Irons You Need to Put on Your Wish List fb

Ready to try out a new hairstyle in the new year? You’ll need the right tools to get the job done. And what better way to get the best curling iron than to put it on your holiday wish list? Take a look at these types of specialty curling irons and see if they give you that “gotta have it” feeling.

1. A Small Curling Iron for Short Hair

Once you’ve chopped your hair off above the shoulders, you’ve instantly achieved a hip and urban look. But you also lose some versatility. Or do you?

It may seem like you don’t have enough hair to do much of anything with except pin it to the side, but you can still enjoy waves and curls. Choose a smaller curling iron, such as a 1/2 inch barrel, to wrap your hair around to achieve more noticeable curls in a shorter length.

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2. Ceramic Bristles Transform the Average Curling Iron

Want frizz-free and shiny locks? Ceramic barrels offer both, but add ceramic bristles to the mix and the results are out of this world. The bristles ensure far more even contact with more of your hair thanks to the added surface area. Best of all, you can achieve different styles based on how you hold or maneuver this curling iron, from straight hair to waves and curls.

3. Cascading Waves Barrel

For beautiful cascading waves that make your hair look like a gentle waterfall, choose a reverse tapered barrel. This barrel has a wide tip and narrows toward the base. Wrap your hair around the barrel so that the hair closest to your scalp circles the narrow end. The end of your hair wraps around the wide tip.

The resulting curls will be tighter near your scalp and will gradually loosen toward the tip. It looks amazing on longer hair so that you can really appreciate the effect, but it can even work with shorter hair if you select a barrel that is narrower overall. This allows you to wrap less hair for the same amount of curls.

4. Spiral Curling Iron

Spiral curls are small and tight yet fantastically voluminous when the look is complete. Although you can achieve this look with a normal curling iron, why go for normal when you can go for beautiful and easy with a specialty tool? A spiral curling iron has built-in “waves” that give you those spiral curls without extra effort on your part. It’s definitely a must-have item for anyone who is serious about their hair.

5. Pearl Barrel for Your Curling Iron

The next type of specialty curling iron you can choose is a pearl barrel. This barrel looks like a string of pearls. By wrapping your hair between the pearls, you can create easy natural waves. This barrel design gives just a hint of a wave to your hair, making it look like you honestly just woke up with gorgeously wavy hair. But the waves are also different sizes thanks to the tapered nature of the barrel, avoiding the slightly unnatural uniform look that can occur when using a typical barrel for the same look.

6. Waver Wand

If beachy waves are your go-to style but you wish it were easier to do before you’d had your morning coffee … a waver wand is perfect for you. It has three distinct sections: two sides and a large “mountain” in the middle. By using it section by section, you create beautiful soft waves without a hint of a curl to give away your secret weapon of choice.

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7. 7-in-One Combinations

Because so many curling irons now come with interchangeable barrels, perhaps this is the type of “specialty” curling iron that should make it to the top of your holiday wish list. Narrow barrels, wide barrels, tapered barrels, pearled barrels, spiraled barrels, bristled barrels … instead of looking for each of these separately, look for an all-in-one package. Yes, the price tag will be higher, but you’ll save space in your bathroom by only having to deal with one corded base unlike the others.

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The best thing about each of these types of specialty curling irons is that you can find a brand that fits your budget and preferences. When choosing a hairstyle to ring in the new year with, you won’t have to sacrifice your fun because the tools you need are out of reach. Always check for the best ones that fit you. 

And if you don’t unwrap it this year, treat yourself with a New Year’s gift. After all, a New Year means a New You, and that means you need new styling tools.

Which curling iron style are you hoping to unwrap this year? What stylish look do you have in mind for next year: spiral curls, beachy waves, bouncy short curls or retro-inspired locks? Let us know in the comments below!

Want that curly do? Take a look at these types of specialty curling irons and see if they give you that “gotta have it” feeling.

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