6 Reasons Why It’s Good to Travel In An RV

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6 Reasons Why It's Good to Travel In An RV

Environmental considerations are becoming an everyday concern. With the increasing fears of out of control climate change, the over-abundance of plastic pollution and many others we need to figure out ways of living our lives in a way that our impact on the environment is as slight as possible. With traveling around in an RV you are driving a large, fuel-intensive vehicle, however, there are still plenty of ways you can be more environmentally friendly when traveling in this way. Here are 6 ways we can achieve just that when traveling in our RVs.

Convert To Alternative Fuels

Alternative fuel for RV

There are a few options when looking at being green with our fuel usage, especially with the vehicles we drive. Options include hybrid or electric vehicles, there have been people who converted old diesel vans to run on vegetable oil and although there are certain things to be aware of here, such as some vehicles can easily use this type of biofuel whereas others will need to be converted. There has even been a fully solar-powered van developed, this is a great leap forward in the technology as in the past solar panels were too heavy to be fuel-efficient on a regular vehicle.

Don’t Take Unrecyclable Materials with You


One thing that is for sure is that any camping trip involves waste, but we can control the types of waste that you take with you. Single-use plastics are a particular issue with there being up to 12.7 million tons of plastic ending up in the oceans every year, so try and avoid plastic packaged goods and especially if they are not able to go in the recycling. If you have to use such plastics, please take them home if there is no recycling where you are, this may seem like a hassle but it is an issue that needs every effort to get better and solve this crisis.

Use Solar Electricity

Try and use solar power for the electricity in your RV. You can easily get a great solar powered generator in place of a traditional gas-powered one. This cuts down on emissions from fossil fuels, which are by far the worst offender in climate change as the carbon in the atmosphere needs to be slowed down and reversed and we need to each does our part in this. As well as being environmentally friendly it saves you a ton of cash on fuel costs. A further benefit is that it keeps you in power no matter where you are and whether you are near a store or not.

Get On Your Bike

Bike in the RV

We all get that the point of owning or using an RV is mobility, you can go where you want and when you want. But once you get to your destination you shouldn’t feel obliged to use the RV to get around town. It’s easy to get a bike rack fitted to the vehicle and we know how good cycling can be for you in so many ways in addition to being an extremely environmentally friendly option. This also increases the scope of activities you can do and places you can go on your vacation as there are many tracks and trails that are only open to bicycles and pedestrians and are not accessible by vehicle. It’s a great way to be fit and active during your trip and you’ll have no doubts that you’ve earned that glass of wine or extra serving on the BBQ after an active day’s cycling.

Use The Chemical Toilet Sparingly

The fewer chemicals we use the better. No matter how we dispose of our chemical waste, it does all need to be treated and we can be sure that it will have an environmental impact. So wherever possible try to use permanent toilet facilities that are available at camp-sites and it’s no doubt that this would be a much more comfortable way of relieving yourself as the chemical toilet is not exactly the height of luxury. In fact, it’s so easy to pre-plan and check out campsites where you are going via a website such as gocampingamerica.com these can let you know which parks and pitches have wash-room facilities and which are a little more basic.

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Look After Your Tyres

An often overlooked source of extra and unnecessary carbon emissions is driving around with under-inflated tires. This uses more fuel and so increases emissions. But also it will wear out tires in a much quicker way and disposal of tires has been an issue for a long time. They don’t degrade well and are a problem for many years to come. So make sure you are not creating more of a problem and ensure you have the correct PSI (pressure per square inch).

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There are still plenty of ways you can be more environmentally friendly when traveling in this way. Here are 6 ways we can achieve just that when traveling in our RVs.

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