6 Important Things To Know About Keto Diet

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6 important things to know about Keto diet

The ketogenic diet is quickly becoming one of the most talked about foods out there. Not only is this just a fad diet or short-term diet, for many it is now a way of life. As we learn more and more about it, we understand that everything we once knew about our bodies is wrong and carbs don’t need to be the only form of energy we put into our bodies. If you are thinking about going keto as a woman, here are six facts you should know.

Don’t Count Calories!

One of the best things about beginning a ketogenic diet is that you will start to eat fewer calories without even trying. This is because you will become fuller much more comfortable as you begin to consume more fat. If you are calorie counting, you are more likely to struggle. It means you still need to have some self-control. While you can’t go around eating all the cheese in the world, you also don’t need to count every single calorie that enters your mouth. You should see a difference either way. Eat until you are no longer hungry. If you are finding your diet isn’t satisfying your hunger, try these keto friendly foods that are guaranteed to fill you up.

Consume More Fat at First

When you first begin the keto diet, start with a little more fat than usual. It will ensure that your new fat burning system (mitochondria) begins to work faster and therefore ketosis can happen sooner. It also means that you will not then go into starvation mode, meaning your body will hold fat rather than burn it. Thirdly, it breaks down that mental barrier of seeing fat as a bad thing. As you begin to eat all these fat-enriched foods and then see your stomach flattening, you will feel much more comfortable with the keto diet. You have to do it yourself to believe it.

You Can Work Outwoman on Keto diet working out

You can still attend your gym sessions with your buddy or your regular Pilates class. Although you often hear that eating carbs gives you energy for the gym, burning fat can provide you with just the same effects. If you are going to exercise, it is recommended to take some pre-workout supplements to aid in weight loss and give you more energy. Keto pre-workout supplements make it easy to burn fat in the gym and keep you in ketosis.

Be Mindful of How Much Protein You’re Consuming

It is easy to forget about protein when you are focusing so much on carbs and fats. Protein can impact on ketogenesis if you eat too much, but too little can also cause you to see poor results. Women tend to consume less protein than men to start with, so it is often women that make the mistake of limiting their protein too much. If you are struggling to lose weight, try incorporating a little more protein into your diet or try a protein shake, but make sure you check the ingredients first as some may contain too much sugar.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

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People often tell you to be as strict as possible on the ketogenic diet. While you should try to stick to measurements for the first few weeks, nobody is counting. If you are using this diet to lose weight, then there is no need to beat yourself up. This should be a way of life, rather than a fad diet. Once you are in ketosis, it is much easier to stay there without the need for constant reassurance. One biscuit isn’t going to ruin your keto journey forever. This also means if you are struggling you may need more carbs or protein until your body becomes used to ketosis. Women are often more sensitive to disturbances in their metabolism than men, so if you feel you need more carbs or protein, for the time being, reduce it gradually. Listen to what your body is saying – there is no strict right or wrong answer in keto, as long as you are predominantly eating fats.  

Don’t Fast and Try Keto Together

Many experienced keto addicts use both fasting and the ketogenic diet to lose weight and stay in ketosis. This doesn’t mean you can never combine the two, but until you know what you are doing, stick to either fasting or ketosis. Both men and women can suffer when trying to do too much at once in terms of their diet and this can wreak havoc with your body. For women uniquely, combining the two when you are still unsure on what you are doing could cause you to get little or no results, leading you to give up before you have given keto a chance. Introduce each stage one at a time when you feel ready. Once you are confident with keto, start researching how to fast on the keto diet.

The keto diet is a great way to live a healthier lifestyle, lose weight and have more energy. As women can be affected by diet changes in different ways than men, following these tips will help you to stay healthy while in ketosis.

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