6 Important Check-Ups No Woman Can Afford To Miss

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A smart woman knows how important it is to take care of herself. But life is getting busier every day. All your responsibilities at work and home start to mount, balancing everything can be tough. It is crucial, however, to ensure that you keep on top of attending the following six check-ups. Read on to find out more.

STD Tests

There is nothing wrong with being sexually active and experimental, as long as you are doing so safely. We all know the basics, but what about checking for infections. Check-ups are important for everybody who is having sex, but especially for people who have multiple partners. Even if you are sure you’ve always been safe, there is no harm in putting your mind at rest. Safer STD Testing is one such place to do just this, and with locations right across the US, there is no excuse not to find time. Get tested as often as you need, and at the very minimum, once a year.


Car Servicing

A car that hasn’t been serviced can be a death trap. Even if the vehicle was fine a year ago, problems could easily have stacked up since then. This could include parts starting to come loose or starting to erode. If any of these parts finally give way when you’re on the road- especially travelling at high-speeds- it would be a disaster. There are also certain faults with a car that make it illegal to drive. If the police spot the fault before you do, you could be looking at points, fines and even a driving ban. Look after your car and you won’t regret it. You can then drive yourself, your friends and family confident that you are keeping everybody safe.

Smear Tests

The rules of smear tests, also know as Pap tests, vary from country to country. If you are in your late teens or twenties or older, and female, however, the chances are you are due a test, or will be due one in the coming years. In America, the tests should start at 21 and be done every three to five years. Research the minimum age that you must start having them. If you’ve not had one for a while, make sure you’re not overdue one.

Opticians Appointment

If you don’t feel like you have any issues with your vision, it can feel unnecessary to prioritise opticians

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appointments. However, there could be an underlying issue that you haven’t noticed yet. Problems with eyesight can also manifest it in ways other than your eyesight, like headaches and migraines. Get checked every two years at a minimum. Make this more regular if you wear glasses or contact lenses, or if you are experiencing any unexplained issues with your vision or balance.

Dental Check Up

Just like with your eyes, problems can develop in your teeth and gums without you realising at first. You should make time for a checkup every one or two years. However, the more often you can get checked, the better. Colgate suggests that twice a year is a good number for most people. Often, Dentists can detect potential issues before they arise, or before they get bad. You’ll be saving yourself time and perhaps even pain by taking action sooner rather than later. A tooth that has just begun to rot is a very different story from a tooth that has been rotting for several months. Remember too that some Dentists offer a scale and polish during the appointment. This way you come out with white, shiny teeth and the smug feeling that you survived a trip to the Dentist. Your younger self would be so proud!


Prescription Appointment

If you take regular medication, it is not a good idea to just carry on taking it for years without speaking to a Doctor. It could be becoming less effective, or your body may be building up a tolerance to it. Or, it could be that something more effective has become available. It could also be that you need to increase or reduce your dosage. But the Doctor isn’t necessarily going to know this if you don’t speak to them. No matter what your prescription is, see a health professional every 6-12 months to check up on what you’re taking. Don’t wait for a problem to arise before doing so.

If it’s been more than a year since you did any of these things, make it a priority to book them in as soon as you can. After all, what could be more important than keeping yourself healthy and safe?


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