5 Weird and Crazy Jobs People Do For A Living

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Just for fun, I thought it might be a good idea to spend some time today looking at some of the weirdest and craziest jobs people have. All the roles mentioned are real employment opportunities, so if anyone reading wants to swap their career for something a little more exciting, this will be a good place to start. For whatever reason, careers advisers at your school or college probably forgot to mention these lucrative avenues, and so you’ve almost certainly never heard of them before. However, I promise they are genuine but crazy jobs, and that many people are engaging in these roles as we speak.

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It has taken me a lot of research to find these jobs, so I hope you’ll appreciate this post and share it with all your friends. Apart from being some of the weirdest and craziest potential employment ideas in the world, they’re also incredibly well paid in most instances, which means you could actually earn a significant amount if you decided to retrain and get involved.

Here they are…

1. Underwater Explosives Expert

I bet you thought the men in that photograph were just enjoying an afternoon’s diving, right? Well, the reality couldn’t be further from that impression. The gents in the pic work for the US navy, and they spend all their time dealing with underwater explosives. While this is dangerous, it always produces amazing earnings. So, perhaps you should get in touch with your country’s armed forces to ask about all the similar opportunities they might have.

2. Cooling Tower Maintenance

You should all know what a cooling tower is by this stage in your life, so I won’t bother explaining their function. However, you probably don’t realize how quickly they can start to decay, and this is how our next job has come about. Cooling towers need to be constantly maintained, and so if you fancy spending your days applying specialist Covac cooling tower coating like the experts, retraining in this industry could be a sensible move.

3. Royal Food Sampler

Ever since the early 1500’s when kings and queens were terrified of being poisoned by their servants, royal households around the world have employed dedicated food samplers to ensure everything that passes their lips is safe. Obviously, you check the food before it’s sent to the table, but being paid to eat? It sounds like a pretty good job to me.

4. Snake Milker

Anyone who understands chemistry will know it’s 100% easier to create antidotes or vaccines if you have the original dangerous substance or organism in the lab. This is why snake milking has become a real employment opportunity. Professionals travel to the deepest, darkest habitats and extract the venom from poisonous snakes before selling it on to scientists.

5. Whiskey Ambassador

Companies that produce this alcoholic beverage need people with a good head for drink to help promote their product to new clients and new markets. This often involves drinking a lot of whiskey with the client whilst telling them how fantastic it is. My dad does this on a Friday night for free. Unfortunately, it’s only the clientele at the local pub he speaks to, but the sentiment is there.

Well guys that’s it from me today. Now you know about some of the weirdest and craziest jobs in the world today, hopefully you’ll be more inclined to try something new and less likely to spend the rest of your days stacking shelves at Tesco.

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