5 Things That Will Save You So Much Time

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Time…there is not enough of it. AMIRITE? But seriously, we all get 24 hours in a day, and we are all trying to stretch those minutes as much as we possibly can. But there are so many factors that go into the things that are wasting precious moments in our lives. Things like traffic, waiting rooms and lines. Oh, do not even get me started on lines! Luckily, there are some things out there that actually want to help us save time instead of waste it. Here I want to mention 5 of those items that prove to be very good time savers.

The Brita Stream

Let us first discuss the remarkable new invention that is the Brita Stream. If you’ve ever had a Brita filter pitcher, you know what the waiting game is like when you pour water into the small filtering section in the pitcher, then patiently waiting for it to filter.

the new brita stream will save you so much timethe new brita stream will save you so much time

But the new Stream pitcher has completely changed the game. It features new Filter-As-You-Pour™ Technology which happens to filter your water 10x faster than the market leading pitcher system while also filtering chlorine taste and odor. Now you can fuel your body with the clean water it deserves, and filter out the bad instantly. the new brita stream will save you so much time

I was so excited to see this new and improved version of the Brita pitcher, especially since we’ve been long time Brita customers. They just make it so easy to get filtered drinking water without dishing out tons of cash on bottles. And I can attest to its speediness. Check out my 13-second video that shows just how quickly this baby filters-and-pours simultaneously. It’s the real deal ya’ll and sure to give you clean water in an instant. You can get your own her going to Brita.com.


A Planner

Regardless of how much you love technology, there is nothing like an old fashion planner to keep you on track and save you lot’s of time along the way. If you are wondering how it saves you time think about this; You have a list of things you need to do, but it’s all in your mind, not written anywhere. Just to make sure you do not forget about this stuff you need to do, you keep thinking about them and stressing about them. a planner will save you so much time Sometimes you may do this ritual while you are working on something else, which could result in you becoming distracted from the task at hand. So not only are you wasting precious time thinking about all you have to do but not having a planner could be taking you away from the tasks you are working on accomplishing. Save yourself some time and get a planner. You’ll pat yourself no the back when you see how much you can accomplish in a day with a clear mind.

An Online Timer

If you want to be even more productive during the day, I suggest you incorporate an online timer during your day. I talk extensively about my productivity plan for each day here.

a timer will save you so much time

But to sum it up, I set a timer every hour and make a short to-do list for that time. During that hour I act as if it is the last hour I have to work all day, so I cut out the social media skimming, go over details that do not matter as much and focus on the important parts of a project. Having a timer in this regard helps me stay focused so that I do not procrastinate and waste time. This method works wonders! I suggest you give it a try.

Automatic Payments for Your Bills

I hate paying bills. I tried everything from setting a date on my calendar to setting alarms on my phone to pay them on time. But then I’d get distracted and forget to pay one. So, now I just set up the automatic payments whenever I can. It just makes sense.


I still get emailed to see the statement, and I am notified when the payment goes through so it does not come as a surprise to my account. But I save so much time by having this done automatically rather than seeing the notification and delaying it, then delaying it again, then rescheduling it for a time when I won’t be busy only to forget later on.

GPS Navigation App

Lastly, but certainly, not least is a navigation app o your phone. I think it is so important to know where you are and how to get around your town without having to rely on this thing. But, when you have somewhere to be, why not use an app that will help steer clear of the traffic and tell you exactly how to get to your destination the fastest way possible? Of course, you cannot always avoid the rush, but with a GPS navigation app, you know you are going the best route you possibly can. I love using the Waze app since it also lets you know if there is a faster way that comes up as you are driving. a gps app will save you so much time We all get 24 hours in a day, and with these items on this list, I am confident you will save many many hours even over the course of a single year. Remember if you are slugging through something, there could be a possibility that it can be done faster. So take a little time to reflect on how something could be completed faster.



How to be more Productive and Focused During The Day

We only have 24 hours in the day, so we have to make the most of what we have. Check out these 5 items that will save you so much time.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Brita. The opinions and text are all mine.

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