5 Things You Absolutely Need for a Successful First Date

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First dates can be scary. You are essentially meeting a stranger at a possibly unknown location alone. If you really think about it, this scene is the beginning of so many horror stories. Now even though you know you won’t be chased down by some psycho, the two are still pretty terrifying.  Well have no fear, here are the five things you absolutely need for a successful first date.

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1. Confidence

Confidence is absolutely key for a successful first date. Yes, it may be a little nerve wracking, but you got this. Keep in mind that this person wanted to go out with you so they already like something about you. So relax and be your true self. At the same time though you don’t want to go over board and come off as an ass. Too much confidence can be a mood killer. We all have had interactions with the John Tucker’s (yes, I’m referencing John Tucker Must Die) that are over the top are too extra. Don’t come off as that person. But at the same time don’t be too lax. You want to leave some surprises for the next date. Just find that happy medium where you are yourself and confidence. Essentially, channel Beyoncé.

2. Knock Dead Outfit


You know the exact outfit I’m talking about. The one you put on in the dressing room and was like, “I look goooooood.” Yes, honey, your slay outfit. You want it to be a reflection of impressing yourself and not the date because that takes some pressure off. Your slay outfit will not only look bomb on you but also help with Number 1: Confidence. There is nothing sexier than being confident in your own skin and wearing an outfit that shows off said skin. I like to call these outfits power pieces because you feel like you can conquer the world in this outfit. Trust me, they will never forget that first impression which will ultimately lead to a successful first date.

3. Kick Ass Makeup

glitter eyes from stila make for a successful first date

Just as I said before with the slay outfit, you want to make your makeup to your expectations versus to impress your date. If you feel beautiful, that confidence will shine onto your date. Stila Cosmetics has some great products that help women celebrate her own unique beauty and feel like the best version of herself. What better time to feel like your best self than on a first date! I, for one, would advocate for the Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner because you have no idea what you will be doing on the date, or how long it will last. Having trustworthy makeup is one less thing you would have to worry about. Stila has a plethora of quality makeup that can prepare you for a successful first date.

4. Money


Always, always, always bring money with you on a date. In this day in age, you should never assume someone is going to pay for you. In fact, I highly encourage you to go Dutch on things in the beginning, because you already set the tone on you being equals. Now if someone does pay for you then cool, but never assume something. I like to change it up sometimes and just pay for the whole thing myself.

Now if you’re still thinking, “I know I should offer to pay and not go into this with the mindset of the guy paying. But to be honest, I want a guy to pay for me.” That’s fine. Some of us still appreciate that and there’s nothing wrong with that. But even if that is the case, what if you go to a restaurant and they don’t take credit cards and he had no idea. Or maybe the credit card reader is down. It would make the situation less awkward if you had money with you as well.

5. Suggestions

Typically, the person that proposed the date has some idea of what you will do but not always. It doesn’t hurt to have some suggestions of what you could do. Dr. Hendrie Weisinger sums it up perfectly on eHarmony that,

“Dates, like battles, can be won and lost because of location, and choosing the wrong location can turn a date into a battle. Where to go becomes a pressured decision and decisions made under pressure are usually bad. Reduce right place pressure by remembering that nature guides you to seek an empowering environment so you can flourish. Be considerate of your date, but take more time to think about what type of location allows you to be authentic.”

You want to have places in mind that are considerate of your date but you feel most comfortable at. Plus, this is perfect for you if you are a controlling type. Hey, I’m a controlling type and I like to be in control of all situations. There’s nothing wrong with that. So maybe give the person a chance first to see if they had any ideas. If they don’t, you have back up plans because you thought up some suggestions.


You should also think of conversation topics just in case it starts to lull. Now just because the conversation starts to lull, it does not mean the date is going terribly. They are probably just a nervous as you. So just like the suggestions of places to go, you should think of directions for the conversation should go. Keep in mind these are just for backup. You do not have to address each topic you thought up. You are just preparing yourself for anything that could happen. I find that being prepared reduces stress.

Above all, have fun! Dating is supposed to be fun, so live it up and have a great time. If you keep these great things in mind you will have a successful first date. Now go forth and slay those first dates my ladies!


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Reducing the Pressure of the First Date

First dates can be scary. Here are the 5 things you absolutely need for a successful first date.

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