5 Benefits of a Daily Spiritual Practice

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We have so many things to devote our attention to in any given week: work, school, household chores, bills, friends, exercise, and the list goes on. Sometimes we can lose focus on who we really are and our larger purpose in life. Taking time each day for spiritual practice, even if it’s just five minutes, can help you become more centered and aware. A daily spiritual practice looks different depending on the person. It can be prayer, meditation, journal writing, visualization, doing yoga, or just getting outside for a quiet walk.

You can practice first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, or before bed. The first step, which is often the hardest, especially for those of us with a busy lifestyle, is making the time commitment to yourself and your spirituality. What are some of the benefits of devoting time to a daily spiritual practice?

Relieve Stress

Slowing down to focus within calms your body, your mind, and your emotions. Breathe slowly and deliberately as you practice, letting yourself be still. This quiet time allows you to relax deeply, releasing the stress of daily life. When you nurture your spiritual side, you begin to see the bigger picture of your life. Over time, you’ll learn to let go of the little things that once stressed you out, and better cope with life’s challenges. You’ll feel less anxiety and more happiness.

Find Connection

As you engage in your spiritual practice, you’ll deepen your connection with the Divine. You’ll more easily notice the oneness of all creation, and see what’s right in the world rather than what’s wrong. You’ll feel the connection between yourself and others. This doesn’t mean tinting your view of the world with rose-colored glasses, but rather being open to the divine essence that we all share, which is often hidden underneath the surface.

Enhance Your Creativity

Devoting yourself to a daily spiritual practice will allow you to appreciate what a unique creative person you are. As you devote attention each day to your inner world, you’ll realize the unlimited potential of your imagination. As your awareness expands, you’ll ramp up your creativity. You’ll express it more fully – not just by making art or solving problems, but also by beginning to craft the life of your dreams.

Become More Efficient

Regular practice is the best way to become proficient at anything. Devoting time to your personal spirituality each day will increase your focus and concentration. You can use these skills in all facets of your life. You’ll find you can more easily concentrate on an important project at work, be a good listener for your best friend, and complete a list of errands with time to spare.

Discover Your Higher Purpose

At first, your daily practice will help you to get to know yourself better. As you continue to practice, you’ll discover that your connection with the divine source of life deepens. That’s when you begin to go even deeper, learning about why you’re here in this life. You might discover a new calling, or find the courage to explore something you’ve always wanted to try. As you expand and grow, your life will be integrated with your higher purpose. You might find yourself creating positive change in the world just by doing the things you love.

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