4 Out of the Ordinary Careers That Surprisingly Pay Well

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4 Out of the Ordinary Careers That Surprisingly Pay Well

Why settle for a conventional job when so many fascinating and unique career options exist? Forget about being a doctor or a coder. You only live once, and you need to make it count. Do you want to follow the crowd blindly or carve a niche for yourself? It is your choice. But, in my opinion, you should follow the unconventional path. 

The world is full of great career options such as health care, pharmacy, beauty & fitness, culinary arts and what not. But now the question is which career path to opt? How to find which career is interesting and lucrative at the same time? 

Having an unusual career often comes with substantial benefits. It means you are paid for doing the job you love, which also means going to work with a beaming smile rather than dreading it. And this, in turn, means proudly flaunting about your work rather than hoping no one asks you about your sinfully boring job. 

Hold your breath. I will list 4 career options that are anything but boring. So, let’s dive in, together! 

1. Art Therapist

If you love psychology and are searching for an exciting career in it, then becoming an art therapist is THE career for you. Art therapy improves a person’s overall wellness and eradicates their stress and anxiety. People find art therapy as a way of coping with their mental trauma and personality development. 

out of the ordinary careers

To become an art therapist, you need to pursue a master’s degree in psychology. You can then be certified by the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) — which is required typically to practice in this field. 

Once you are ready as a professional art therapist, you can offer therapy on a one-to-one basis or in group settings. You can begin your practice privately, in community outreach center, mental health or rehabilitation unit, or a nursing home. Many multinational corporations hire therapists to offer professional development classes.

On an average, you can make $29,570 to $74,210

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2. Food Critic

What could be more fascinating than being paid to write about your favorite food? If you love food plus writing, becoming a food critic fits the bill. Their primary objective is to provide information about dining establishments that help people decide which restaurants to spend money. Food critics offer their perspective on the service they receive in the restaurant, the restaurant’s atmosphere and other factors that may influence a person’s choice of a restaurant, such as a cost. They often go several times to a restaurant to write a balanced and fair review.  

out of the ordinary careers

Although no formal training or education is required to become a food critic, a bachelor’s degree in media and communication or culinary arts will open more doors for you. Plus, you need impeccable writing and communication skills to excel in this field. Along with that, you must have an eagle’s eye to differentiate between foods and their presentation standards. 

Once you’re all set to launch your career as a food critic, you may get hired by print media(newspaper and magazines) or by TV channels dealing in health, beauty, and lifestyle. 

On an average, you can make $61,240 to $137,820

3. Recruitment Specialists

Recruitment specialists or headhunter or talent acquisition specialists are professionals who drill and get the best talent for a particular job role. They are hired for an organization to recruit executives or higher-level employees for positions that might or might not are advertised. For most employers, getting a near to perfect employee is a big-time task. The process itself is time-consuming and costly. This is the reason most organizations hire professional headhunters.  

If you have an affinity for recruitment and meeting new people and want to work in a fast-paced world, then this could be an excellent career for you. While it requires no formal education to become a professional recruiter, but those who have human resource training often have a competitive advantage within the field.  

As a professional headhunter, you bridge the gap between an employer and a prospective employee. You help organizations improve their operations by aligning them with the potential job candidates who could best fit within their companies. At the same time, you help candidates to get the right firm to kick off their career. Once you have understood their requirements, you can begin scanning and drilling resumes from different job portals which can be a potential match. 

out of the ordinary careers

To survive your job role and pockets, you need to have a strong professional network and need to keep a tab on the job market. The better you are at matching candidates to their respective profiles, the more business you’ll get. 

You can work in a firm comprising professional headhunters or work independently as a freelancer. You would either be paid an agreed-upon fee upfront or would receive an agreed-upon fee when the candidate joins. The amount you’re paid is a percentage of the annual salary for the position you are trying to fill. Hence the amount of money you’d make depends upon the number of clients you have and the positions for which you are recruiting. 

On an average, you’ll make about $84,000 per year. 

4. Live Mannequin

Live mannequins are a new and peculiar way of advertising. It is also a peculiar career option 9andthat’s it is the list). They can grab the attention and can help turn prospects into leads. Taking up this job role means you need to stand as a live mannequin in storefronts where you could occasionally change poses and possibly outfits. You may or may not interact with customers depending upon the instructions given to you. 

Tailors and dressmakers are your potential hires. Also, larger fashion companies use fitting models to test their newest lines. They find people who have a great build up to test their garments in everyday situations.

However, it requires no basic education to become a live mannequin, but at many places, people tend to prefer someone who has a degree in performing arts. 

On an average, you’ll make about $50 to $375 per hour. 

Wrapping up

Every career option is unique and challenging in its way. Irrespective of the path you choose, you will learn new things, gain experiences and meet people from all walks of life. To excel in your field, you need to work with commitment and dedication. Rome wasn’t built in one day. Likewise, if you’re consistent in your efforts, no one can stop you in achieving what you believe in. 

All the best for your future endeavors! Let the sky be the limit. 

4 Out of the Ordinary Careers That Surprisingly Pay Well

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