4 Degrees That Open Many Career Doors

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4 Degrees That Open Many Career Doors

If you are at all unsure about what you want to do once you graduate from university, do not pick a specialized degree. There are two types of degrees, career-specific degrees, and more generalized degrees. For example, a College degree in mathematics or math degree is much more general than a degree in accounting. Both of these choices can lead to a career in accounting, but the mathematics degree also opens up lots of career doors. Additionally, you  can maximize your options with a doctorate. These can be earned by further college attendance or you can search online doctorate degrees if you are worried about Covid-19.

Most people assume that by choosing a non-career specific degree subject, you will find it harder to get a job title once you graduate. Or that you will need to specialize by doing a master’s degree since some jobs require it. However, this is not the case.

If you unable to decide what you want to do once you graduate, pick a general degree subject. To help you choose your subject, we have put together a handy list of the four best options.

1. English

While you may be concerned that a degree in English is too much of a vague choice, it will teach you many key skills that are seen as valuable attributes in many industries. Although you may find that the levels of pay for English graduates are lower than some offer subjects. The career opportunities an English degree can bring can be rewarding. There are a lot of job openings that you think. Many English graduates when doing a job search go on to work in the publishing or academic industries. As well as for various roles in the business industry. Some graduates also work in advertising, administration, public relations, or broadcast journalism.

2. Geography

Many geography students become nervous as they get to the end of their degree course. Especially when they are unsure about what career paths are open to them. Geography graduates actually have many career opportunities available. These range from working as part of the navy to working within the environmental industry. With some extra training, geography graduates will have even more opportunities available to them. You could have a role in the teaching industry or design industry or could even become an environmental surveyor. While some people don’t like the idea of a geography degree, it is an excellent way of opening up a wider variety of career opportunities. Many geography graduates go on to work in various industries. Jobs can include geological assistants, development analysts, environmental consultants, cartographers, and travel agents.

3. History

A degree in history is one of the oldest and most respected degree options. Although many people picture history graduates working in old museums and libraries, it offers graduates many other exciting career opportunities. With some extra training, many graduates go on to work in various industries. Including in the teaching industry, media industry, legal industry or legal services , criminal industry, practice of law, trademark attorney, or even within the civil service. Learning about registered trademarks and the process that involves it may also be an advantage. If you are unsure what career you are aiming for once graduating, a history degree is definitely a step in a good direction.

4. Mathematics

Many employers are keen on mathematics students. They tend to be logical, committed and mathematically competent. These are all sought-after skills in many professions, including finance, logistics, and retail. A degree in mathematics also puts a graduate in a strong position for software and IT-based roles, or maybe a software developer as it proves that you are able to program. There are various other job roles available to mathematics graduates. These include working in banking, mathematical sciences, accounting, insurance, design, statistical analysis, and teach children.

4 Degrees That Open Many Career Doors

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