4 Best Time Management Tips for Successful Entrepreneurs

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august 2018

One thing I’ve learned in my years as an entrepreneur is that you have to be organized in order to be successful. When I initially started my business, I did not understand the importance of being organized. It was not until I had so many duties and not enough time to do them all that I realized the importance of productivity and time management tools.

I looked into online to-do lists, digital planners, and every possible app you can think of when it comes to planning your day. And what I’ve found is that the most simple solutions are typically the right ones. And I’ve found that the more I am able to write things down and keep track that way, the more success I’ve seen. What’s interesting is that my theory holds up in science.something real

As it turns out, writing by hand is more effective for learning and remembering your content. So if you make a to-do list and am trying to work through the most imporatn things in your day, writing it out is a great way to improve your memory and your productivity. So I was thrilled when I hearf about the #15 Pages campaign  hosted by the Paper + Packaging Board that encourages people to read at least 15 pages a day, I could not wait to spread the word and learn more about it myself. You can learn more about that campaign here. But I digress.

I am a fan of paper products and I’d like to discuss my time management tips all around the traditional tools I like to use to stay organized.

Write Down Your Goals for the Week

One of the big rules about staying organizaed that I believe is often overlooked is the foresight of planning ahead. And one way I like to do this is by using a planner. I spend a little time on Sunday working on a to-do list for the following week.  I like using the Panda Planner because it makes it so easy to  plan out your week, day and even the month in different sections. I like to use a pencil when I use my planner because as you may know, plans change.  So make sure you pencil your tasks in.


I make a point who write out my tasks on Post-It notes as well during the day. This helps me stay focused on each task at hand, and gives me a little reward everytime I remove a Post-It as a symbol of me finsihing something.  The combination of these two tasks keep me on track for the week for sure.

Keep Note of  Your Progress During the Day

On top of keeping an eye on my tasks I like to keep an eye on my goals. I use the Knock, Knock Goals Notepad. I use this when I get a break to write down my goals that I have had for life, the moth and for the day. Since I do most of my weekly and daily goals using the Panda planner, I use this moreso to keep track of my life goals in general.


This way in make sure to write them down when they come to mind, no matter how crazy the idea may seem in the moment. And once I write out my life goals, I file them away to read when I need inspiration; Or if I just need a good idea. Either way, writing out my dreams makes it that much more real.

Keep Learning About Productivity

No matter how many books I read about productivity, I find that there are so many out there that have other tidbits or reminders I can take with me to o. I have read so many books on time management and productivity. And I have learned something in everyy single one. Even if you know a lot of the big consepts there are so many other tips tha tpeople are willing to share out there, So make sure you are paying attention to all the new books about productivity you could write.


I am currently reading a great book on productivity specifically if you have a small business or side hustle. It’s called Rework created to the creators of 37signals; the company that created the online project management tool Basecamp. I read their first book called remote, and this one is just as eye opeing. If you are trying to figure out the best way to mange your day job with a side hutle, this book is for you.

Take Time to Reflect Each Day

No matter how good I may get at productivity, one thing I make sure to do is psend a good deal of time reflecting on what I know and what I could improve. This applies to both learning more about productivity, but also about self-improvement in general. I do believe that refelction is a great way to not only grow but to appreciate what you already have in life. It is so easy to get swept away by your day to day, especially if you are a busy business owner.

One way I like to reflect is by writing Thank you cards to people who have helped me. I find that even for those we have the most gratitude for, we often forget how indebted we feel and not say anything to them about it This is why Thank you notes not only make you better because it feel good to say thank you in such a meaningful way, but also it makkes others know they are appreciated. Erin Condren has the cutest thank you cards that I love to use for this purpose.

And there ya have it! My tasks I use to managem ny time as an entrepreneur. What are some of your tips? Feel free to use them in the comments.

I am a huge fan of paper products and I'd like to discuss my time management tips all around the traditional tools I like to use to stay organized. #ad #howlifeunfolds Featuring @howlifeunfolds

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