15 Ways to Make Working Out More Fun

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1. Work Out With a Friend

Working out alone can feel tedious and boring. Grab a pal and get your sweat on together! Having someone there will encourage you to push your limits and not quit every time you feel tired. You can even use this time to catch up and laugh together as you run, cycle, or lift. Exercising with a friend is great for both your mental and physical health.

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2. Switch Up Your Routine

Doing the same old workout every day is not only boring, it also doesn’t challenge your body after awhile. Switch up your workouts throughout the week so you have something different to look forward to each day. HIIT, endurance cardio, barre, pilates, yoga, weight training, Zumba, kickboxing, martial arts. . . there is an almost endless variety of exercises you can do, so try everything!

3. Build a Fun Workout Wardrobe

Nothing gets you more motivated for a workout than fun exercise clothes. Build a wardrobe of colorful and cute pieces without breaking the bank with Fabletics. Their clothes come in a wide array of styles and are cute enough to be worn from the gym to the street.

4. Drum Up Some Healthy Competition

If you are the competitive type, use the chance to “win” something as motivation to push yourself to the max. Many fitness trackers allow you to compete with and challenge family and friends, so use them as a tool to track your progress. Even if you just want to beat your personal best stats, the air of competition can make your workout more fun and effective.

5. Get Outside

The gym is great, but sometimes it can feel like you are trapped in there. Get some fresh air and a new perspective by taking your workout outdoors! A run, walk, or bike ride al fresco offers natural changes in elevation that make your workout harder. Feeling a nice breeze and having things to look at besides other sweaty people will make your workout fly by.

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6. Take a Class

Joining an exercise class has tons of benefits. You can make new friends, try a unique kind of workout, and learn from a trained instructor. Doing an activity you love will make your workout fly by. Plus working out with a room full of strangers is sure to push you to do your best and help you feel like you’re not alone in your fitness journey.

7. Blast Some Music

Pop in your headphones or crank your stereo and blast a perfect playlist as you sweat. Whether it’s chill music for a yoga practice or heart-pumping club jams for the treadmill, music is proven to make people work out longer and harder. You can even increase your running pace without even realizing it by listening to songs with a high BPM rate.

8. Exercise For a Good Cause

If you love helping others, try motivating yourself by exercising for charity. Download an app that donates money for every mile you run or sign up for a race that gives to your favorite cause. Knowing you could help save lives is great motivation to get moving.

9. Try Exergaming

Exercise video games have recently become all the rage. Even though you just feel like you are playing, you can actually burn a ton of calories. Because they use technology, exergaming is more appealing than traditional workouts for lots of people. Plus you can do it in the comfort of your own home, so it is ideal for people who are shy at the gym.

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10. Download a Fitness App

Fitness trackers are an easy way to track data like daily steps and heart rate. But did you know that there are tons of apps that do even more? From offering a support system to building custom workouts to connecting you to a trainer, there are apps for all fitness needs. Find one that fits your goals and get moving!

11. Reward Yourself

Set small, attainable goals for yourself and have a reward in mind for when you reach them. Whether it is a new dress, a trip to the spa, or a night out at the movies, choose something that feels like a treat but won’t kill your progress. Having something to look forward to will motivate you to get through hard workouts.

12. Learn Something

Strengthen your mind while you strengthen your body by tuning in to a podcast, TED talk, or audio book. Listening to something educational will make you feel smart and is a great way to make the time go by faster.

13. Enlist a Furry Friend

Your canine companion needs exercise just as much as you do, so why not help each other out? Take your (or your friend’s) dog along on your run or walk or play a game of fetch. You’ll get a workout and you may even meet new like-minded friends.

14. Bring Back Your Childhood

When you were a kid, playing on the playground got you moving but it just felt fun. Relive those good memories (and work up a sweat in the meantime) with favorite childhood activities like hula hooping, jumping rope, swinging, or playing hopscotch.

15. Take Selfies

Everyone loves documenting their day on Instagram and Snapchat, so be sure to include gym selfies! They’re a great way to track your progress and showing your sweaty self to the whole internet will motivate you to keep pushing yourself.

15 Ways to Make Working Out More Fun

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