Top 10 Mistakes Women Should Avoid During Weight Loss

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Top 10 Weightlifting Mistakes Women Should Avoid During Weight Loss

It is every woman’s goal to be a better version of herself. She wants to know how far she can go past their limit and achieve a stronger and healthier lifestyle. Getting in shape is not as easy as taking laxatives for weight loss, in fact, they can cause significant damage to one’s body. It involves eating right and hitting the gym for weight training sessions. However, it’s paramount for everyone to note that there are weight training mistakes before you rush off to the gym and potentially make a few of them. Here are the top ten mistakes women make when weightlifting and why they should be avoided.

weightlifting mistakes

1. Starting a session without a warm-up

Failing to perform a warm-up could both decrease the effectiveness of your weightlifting session, and increase your chance of being injured. A warm-up should last at least five minutes. You should do one set of ten repetitions, using quarter of the weight that you will lift during your session. Then do another set, using half of the weight for the “real” workout.

2. Involve all muscle groups evenly

The first mistake that many people make is not working all of the muscle groups. It is important to work your body evenly so that no one muscle group becomes over or under used. Train each family across your entire body, so that no one muscle group becomes larger than the other in your weight training ventures. Not only will you does conjure to look little strange to see other people around you, but this may cause some medical issues.

3. Target the right muscle

You don’t want to be focusing on the wrong muscle groups. Many times people spend too much time on the small muscle groups and not enough time on the larger ones, which contributes to an end balance of the muscle group weightlifting workout.

4. Take your time

Start small and start slow. Do not expect to become ripped overnight. If you start to see that you are becoming overly exhausted, you might need to step back a little bit the day after an intense workout. There’s no shame in adjusting either the weight you are lifting or the intensity of your weight training workout.

5. Compound Exercises

Mistake number four falls in performing too many isolation exercises instead of compound exercises. Compound exercises work more than one muscle group at a time; whereas, isolation exercises only work one muscle group at a time.

6. Use enough weight

Another common mistake is not using enough weight. If you use a weight that is too light you will never see results, so make sure you are using a weight that prevents you from doing more than 15 repetitions, and you will see results. It is important to make use of weight lifting belts for support. Remember that you should never bite off more than you can chew, though. These means do not lift more weight than your body can handle.

weightlifting mistakes

7. Using heavy weights improperly

In particular, it is dangerous to bend or extend your back while lifting heavy weights. This would place unwanted stress on your back. It is important to support your back by lying on your back or your tummy. For exercises that require you to stand, bend your knees a little.

8. Full range of motion

Another thing you should avoid is not using a full range of motion. When performing the weightlifting exercises, make sure that you are using a weight light enough to fulfill the requirements of the exercise. Using a weight that only allows you to work halfway through the movement does not work as well. When performing a weightlifting motion, it is important always to complete the repetition’s full range of motion. This applies in particular when performing bicep curls.

In this particular case, failing to finish the repetition entirely means that you have only targeted the bicep’s upper portion. Completing an exercise’s full range of motion is important, as it not only provides the targeted muscles with a workout. It additionally stretches the opposing muscles.

The solution is to perform repetitions in a gradual and controlled manner. In particular, you should contract the muscles totally after each repetition. On the other hand, be cautious not to hyperextend the repetition, which involves exceeding the full range of motion. Making this error can result in your joints becoming injured.

9. Rising hips off a bench during a bench press

This error creates many problems. It places more stress on your spine, fails to utilize your whole pectoral muscle, and reduces the difficulty of the exercise. To avoid this issue, position your legs atop the bench while bending your knees and placing your feet down. Afterward, using your hips could reduce your balance.

10. Diet

Your diet and nutritional goals should not interfere with weight training goals. This means you cannot be eating all the snack cakes, potato chips, and junk food that you want, and expect actually to gain any muscle from your weight training efforts. Make sure that your diet includes enough protein for muscle building and carbohydrates for energy production.

Now that you know what the most common weight training mistakes are, you should be able to avoid them and maximize your time in the gym. Perform better every week, and you will see significant results that you have always dreamed of.

Top 10 Weightlifting Mistakes Women Should Avoid During Weight Loss

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