6 Things You Should Consider When Starting a New Relationship

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6 Things You Should Consider When Starting a New Relationship

Exciting. Fun. Scary. Overwhelming. These are all words that can be used to describe the start of a new relationship. The first stages of any new romance are often the most exhilarating. However, they can also be the most telling.

If you’re a hopeless romantic that often tends to fall head over heels, there may be some signs of compatibility that you should look out for. If you’re just about to start a new relationship, here are six things that you should seriously consider…

#1: See If Your Personalities Match Up

See If Your Personalities Match Up

To get to know your partner, and yourself, on a deeper level, you could take a personality test and see how compatible you are. This will also help you gain a better perspective on what you like in a relationship. For example, INFJ in relationships like their partners to share the same moral values.

#2: Don’t Bring Up Their Past

When you agree to a new relationship, you agree to a fresh slate, which means you shouldn’t be bringing up their past or trying to use it against them. Similarly, you shouldn’t allow your past experiences to negatively taint your new relationship.

#3: Consider Their Actions, Not Their Words

Consider their actions, not their words when you start a new relationship

When you’re getting to know someone, they could easily promise you the world. However, you need to see actions that support their sweeping statements. Your partner could repeatedly talk about future vacations and adventures together, however, are they putting in the effort to make these plans a reality?

#4: Avoid Making Comparisons

Everyone is unique and nobody likes being compared to others, especially when the others are your previous partners. You need to think of your new relationships as completely distinct chapters of your life. Similarly, you shouldn’t compare yourself to any people your partner has previously dated.

#5: Briefly Talk About Your Future

Sure, you don’t want to scare away your potential partner by asking them questions about marriage and babies. But you also need to have a clear understanding of each other’s priorities and goals in life.

Briefly Talk About Your Future

Of course, some of these questions should only be asked during more serious stages, however, if you have any deal breakers, it’s worth making them known as early as possible.

#6: Integrate Them into Your Social Life

Many people get into a relationship and proceed to put their other relationships on hold. However, you should make a conscious effort to integrate your significant other into your social life. Introduce them to friends and family, don’t replace your social circle with your newfound romance.

All in all, it’s important to let loose and enjoy the moment. However, there are also a few conversations that are essential to get out of the way during these initial stages. Make sure your priorities and personalities line up accordingly. Try not to overthink things too much and remember that you are just starting to get to know each other. The beginning stages are meant to be fun, so make sure to enjoy every moment.

6 Things You Should Consider When Starting a New Relationship

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