5 Simple Tips to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

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Most people think that making a home look bigger involves throwing stuff away. Although this can help, it isn’t always the only answer. There is a way to hold onto your much-loved belongings while making it feel like there is more space in your home. Here’s more.

#1: Store Your Unused Goods Elsewhere

You might have many things you do not use yet do not want to get rid of. If so, it is smart to store these goods elsewhere in external self-storage units. 

Store your extra things in a storage center

Finding self-storage near you will ensure that you have an accessible space to store your goods and not have to dispose of them. Instead, you can free up room in your home and still hang on to those items that mean a lot to you.

#2: Use Light Colors Where Possible

If you like light colors (whites and pastels), then great. Decorating your home in these space-maximizing colors will not be an issue. However, you might need some persuading if you dislike these colors. 

Use lighter colors to paint

Light and bright colors will help your home feel and look bigger. If you do not wish to paint the walls white, then you could benefit from adding an accent wall or using lighter colors for the furnishings, decor, and flooring. 

#3: Add Shelves

If your home does not have shelves, adding some to each room will help free up floor space, which could be why your home feels smaller. Having things lying around on the floor with no proper home can make your space feel and look smaller and cluttered. 

Shelves can help keep spaces tidy

Therefore, adding shelves will help you to free up floor space, attain a tidier home, and make your rooms feel bigger. 

#4: Open Windows & Add Lighter Curtains

Many of us will hinder the light and spaciousness in our homes due to a poor concept of how to dress our windows. If you add dark or heavy materials to the windows, then these will hinder the light. Removing the window coverings altogether will be better if you do not need darkness or privacy. 

Open your windows and use light curtains

For those rooms where you want privacy and darkness, like the bedroom, it is smart to add lighter materials that are lighter in color. For instance, adding a white linen curtain or white blinds will allow more light to pass through them than dark and heavy cotton curtains. 

Ensure to open up the window coverings as soon as you wake up to allow maximum light to pass through. This will allow the rooms to feel as big as possible throughout the day. 

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#5: Multi-Purpose Spaces

If you only use space for one thing, then you might not be using it wisely – especially if you have a small living space. 

Make your spaces multi-purpose

Using spaces for multiple things will make more use of your space and ensure that you do not add unnecessary furnishings. For instance, you could use a dining table as a desk instead of squeezing a desk into a tiny corner.

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