Getting Married In The 21st Century: Pull Off A Modern Wedding With These Tips

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Millennials getting married later in life than people from past generations did. So many young couples are choosing to just live together without doing the official stuff. After all, a wedding can cost a fortune! So many of us are delaying getting hitched. But if you and your partner do decide to tie the knot, you want to make sure it’s memorable. Therefore, here is some tips on how to pull off a modern wedding which is perfect for the 21st century!

Opt for a non-traditional dress

As much as some women dream about wearing a beautiful white dress, it’s not for everyone. In fact, some people hate the fact that they have to go for a traditional white gown. However, who says you have to choose a white dress? Many women are going for a non-traditional dress on their big day. Whether you want an ankle-length design, or you want to opt for a bright color, you should do it. After all, it’s your wedding, so make your own decision!

modern wedding dress
Credit: Flickr

Go for a cool theme

Gone are the days when you have to choose lilac as your color. Now everyone is having unique wedding themes that make their day memorable. For example, some people might decide to have a superhero themed wedding. Or, if you both love traveling, you might want to make your day travel themed. In fact, if you look online, you will find sites like which will help you pull off your theme!

modern wedding themes
Credit: Wikimedia

Choose quirky extras like selfie booths

Our generation loves taking a good selfie. And at your wedding, you could ensure everyone gets to take a good selfie by organizing a selfie booth. The popularity of photo booths has soared in the last few years. And now people are opting for selfie booths. They will provide you with selfie sticks and props so that your guests can take pictures. And it’s an excellent way to ensure you get lots of photos from your wedding!

modern wedding selfie booths

Keep everyone updated online

The good thing about people being online is that you can update them about the wedding without having to post stuff. In fact, you could even create a group on social media for your guests. And there are some great apps which you can use for your wedding. You can set a passcode and share this with friends so they can log on and check for updates. They can also upload all their photos on there from your big day. Creating a hashtag for your wedding is also a great way to get people involved on social media!

Allow bridesmaids to choose their dresses

If you have ever been a bridesmaid, you will know how stressful it is to choose dresses. But if you want to bring your wedding into the 21st century, you should allow your friends to pick their own dresses. After all, gone are the days when it needed to be a full gown. And even if they go for different colors, it will look great in the photos. And don’t be afraid to ask them to pay for their own dress if you are on a budget. But as it says on, just make sure you tell them what they have to pay for!

And if you need some help raising the cash for your big day, you can read our previous blog for some ideas.


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