Your Best Guide to Filing a Claim Against Your Hairdresser

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With a lot of careful thought and consideration, you have finally decided to begin filing a claim against your hairdresser. Of course, it can be an exceedingly difficult decision as you weigh the pros and cons, and it can even be daunting and frightening if you think about what you still have to go through.

But for many, it is the best decision they have ever taken – not just for themselves, but for future clients that may suffer the same fate!

But what does it take to file a claim against your hairdresser, and what is involved with the whole process? In other words, how do you proceed, and what are the first steps you should take? Here’s your best step-by-step guide to filing a claim against your hairdresser.

Record The Details Of Your Appointment

Salons can make mistakes, but that does not mean you aren't entitled to some money.

First, make a record of your appointment. Note down its date and time as well as your stylist’s name, if possible, and the name of the salon and its address.

Then, if you’re still at the salon, record the names of the products used for your treatment and take note of other important details, such as the conversation you had with your hairdresser when things went wrong.

Collect Further Evidence

The next step is to collect further evidence by taking photographs of the injury and making sure you keep some hair strands that were damaged. Perhaps you have photos of your hair before getting the treatment; it will show the condition of your hair before and after.

If you have visited your doctor, document this – be sure to include the date and time of your visit, and it’s crucial to include your medical records, including your diagnosis and a description of your injury.

Get Professional Help

Finding the right help will make it more likely that you win

It would be wise early on to get in touch with a legal professional, and a solicitor would be able to give you relevant, timely advice on how to sue a hairdresser. The good thing about speaking to a professional is the guidance they can provide you, and they can tell you right away if you have a strong case.

Another good thing about seeking help from a solicitor is that they often work on a no win-no fee basis. This means they will not receive a fee if the case does not win. That’s why they will only take on a solid case – and if they have decided to represent you, they will come up with a plan for your case and guide you through each step of the process.

They will work closely with doctors and other professionals who will help strengthen your case. And they may even identify the cause and compensation for the damage. It is why you must have the necessary evidence – from photographs to hair samples to medical records, and so on.

Your solicitor aims to give you a chance at claiming just compensation. And, more often than not, they will seek to settle the case outside the court. However, if this is not possible, they will file the case in court. They’ll fight for your rights, and hope for the best settlement. The point is to remain confident and not be intimidated. While also knowing that you are doing this for the benefit of future clients as well.

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