Understanding the 7 Different Types of Rest & Why They’re Important

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We all need time to repair and recharge on occasion; when the weekends whizz by and we’re supposed to feel rested, rejuvenated, and ready for the week ahead, the fact is that we’ve all got some lingering feelings of tiredness.

And when we feel like this, the initial Instinct is to go to sleep, but while we may not be able to do this, we’ve got to make the most of rest and recuperation by understanding the different types of rest and how we can benefit, here are the main types of rest. 

Social Rest

Some people may feel that they need connection, especially over the last few years, but sometimes we need to take a social rest by assessing our relationships. You can go on a digital detox but you could also take the opportunity to go on a solitary vacation.

Sometimes, being away from all signs of life gives this the opportunity to understand the relationships in our lives. The great thing is that there are plenty of opportunities for the right types of solitary vacations.

For example, you could go on a caravan holiday, which you can find out more about at https://www.parkholidays.com/our-parks/devon/caravan-holidays, but you can also find solace in social rest by staying at home and shutting the blinds. 

Spiritual Rest

Spiritual rest can help us to find that sense of enlightenment. While we are not all keen on meditation, the fact is that sometimes meditation can be the best place to begin if you do not understand spiritual rest.

Spiritual rest comes in many different forms

If you cannot get to grips with “doing nothing” in meditation, transcendental meditation may be a suitable option for you. You can find out more about this at https://www.byrdie.com/transcendental-meditation to see if it suits you. 

Mental Rest

The one type of rest that we all could benefit from. If you feel like your brain has a million tabs open, this is a sign that you’ve got to go inwards and recharge. Research suggests that over the course of a day, we have more than 6,000 thoughts!

So if you are looking to calm your mind, you could try meditation but there are also other practices that can help calm the mind and body. EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) is one that has been popular in helping people recover from PTSD and has been used on war veterans, with successful results. 

Emotional Rest

Emotional rest is key for any type of stressful situation

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your feelings for fear of being judged by others, you could benefit from emotional rest through a number of the following practices: 

  • Practicing mindfulness. Living mindfully can help you to understand that life is about quality rather than quantity. There are many ways that you can be mindful, for example, by eating and exercising mindfully. 
  • Have a support network. Family, friends or even professional resources can help you when you are feeling out of sorts. 
  • Embracing the uncomfortable. If you are feeling completely fatigued, sometimes you have to embrace discomfort to help you understand that you can get the most out of the positives in life. Pushing yourself beyond your limits can do a lot for you. 
  • Self-compassion. You also need to give yourself a break. Sometimes, that weight of expectation can be too much, which means that when you start to give yourself a pass and admit that you are only human like we all are, you can achieve a sense of perspective. 

Creative Rest

If you are feeling like you’ve lost your spark, getting your creative juices flowing can do a lot to recharge your mind and renew your perspective. You can do this through simple practices like getting outdoors and getting off your screens, but you could also embrace the afternoon nap. The 20-minute power nap can do a lot to recharge and reset your brain. 

Physical Rest

Physical rest is one of the most well-known for obvious reasons

Of course, sleep is the biggest form of physical rest but a lot of us are not maximizing our quality of sleep on the pillow, and this is where some of the following could benefit you: 

  • Get off your devices at least one hour before bedtime. If you really have to check emails that will make you feel stressed you could use blue-blocking glasses. There are also blue-blocking apps available. Ideally, you need to be getting off your devices completely. 
  • Magnesium. Studies show that many people are deficient in this all-important mineral. Magnesium can relax the body so it is in repair mode but it can also help your body to function properly through the digestive and immune systems. You can look at this guide for which type of magnesium to choose from. 
  • Do not eat 2 hours before sleeping. Your digestive system needs to be ready to repair itself. If you are hungry, you can eat a tiny bit of protein or fat to maintain blood sugar levels. 

Sensory Rest

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded, and being switched on to electronics constantly can contribute to sensory overload. If you really want to calm your senses, you have got to unplug from your screens.

Stepping into nature can help you to unwind, but you also need to be aware of the prolonged exposure to things that are causing you these sensory overloads. These could include molds or toxins in the place you live. 

Repairing and recharging is something that we don’t always believe is worth our while, either because we think we don’t have the time or we think we are rested enough. After all, because everybody else is on their devices and appears fine, surely we should be fine too?

But the reality is that if you want to feel truly rested and recharged, understanding the different types of rest can give you insight into the types of rest that you need. Whether it is having a solo trip away, focusing inwards and meditating, or unplugging from social media, everybody can benefit from the right ways to repair and recharge.

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