The Best of the Walking Dead Season Finale

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**Spoilers ahead!**

The 5th season of The Walking Dead has been one of my favorites so far. We’ve followed Rick’s group through countless ordeals—the prison, Woodbury, and the wilderness. But, the community at Alexandria has inspired the most complicated relationships within the group. The age-old dynamics, which were established in the earliest seasons, are overturned when the group finds a safe haven. Not only is there a shift in the way that they interact with each other, but also how they treat perceived threats within a group that claims to be “civilized” changes. Here are some of our favorite highlights from the season finale:

1. Morgan

After seasons of waiting, fans of the WD comic book will be thrilled to finally see the possibility of Morgan reuniting with his bff, Rick. Last time we saw Morgan was back in season 3, and the horror of losing both his wife and son presumably left him a little crazy. Since then, he’s gained some pretty badass ninja skills and I know I’m not alone when I say I’m excited to find out what  has happened to him.

2. Carol is the best character on the show.

Initially, Carol threatens the shit out of Jesse’s son, Sam, when he sees her stealing guns from the armory. However, she later becomes their ally when she finds out that Sam’s father is a horribly abusive drunk. She may be harsh, but everything she does is truly to protect her group (and the members of Alexandria), though it doesn’t always seem like it. She has mastered the art of survival, even dumbing herself down to appear harmless to Alexandria’s residents. This isn’t malicious though; she simply understands that she (and most of the group) frightens people who have been sheltered through the worst of the zombie apocalypse. Carol is at her most badass when she stops by to ask Jesse’s estranged husband, Pete, to check on Tara (who has been MIA the past two episodes). Here, she tells him she would simply kill him because she doesn’t like him and dares him to come at her. Carol. is. amazing.

3. Darryl isn’t dead!

After the internet found out that actor Norman Reedus was selling his home in Serenbe, Georgia, there was wild speculation that his character would be killed off in the season 5 finale. When Darryl and Aaron are raiding the “abandoned” food warehouse and become trapped in a vehicle surrounded by zombies, I started to feel that this is true. Another reason why we love Morgan: he saved one of our favorite characters!

4. Rick proves his point.

rick in walking dead let's be friends man gif
Piss off, Pete. Credit: Blogspot

Alexandria’s leader, Deanna, was adamant about Rick not killing anyone. But when asshole Pete accidentally assassinates her husband in front of her, she completely flip flops. As if Rick killing all the zombies who found their way into town and giving a pretty convincing speech wasn’t enough! His place is definitely secured now, and Deanna has given him the right to kill. BTW, is anyone fed up with Gabriel’s bullshit? Why’d he leave the gate open? Why is he just horrible and annoying in general? I was so excited when I thought he might get eaten…or shot.

5. What’s to come for the group.

These are only a few images from Dustin Rowles’s article discussing the many signs we’ve seen throughout season 5. Why do all these walkers have W’s carved into their foreheads? Also, the man who holds Morgan at gunpoint has the mark and talks extensively about wolves. This leads many fans to believe that Negan, the violent and cruel leader of a band of survivors who have dubbed themselves the “Saviors,” will make an appearance. He is a character who will make The Governor’s killing spree look like child’s play. Others speculate that these zombies have been marked by the Whisperers, a group of survivors who remove walkers’ faces and wear them as masks to survive. Since they are a relatively new addition to the comics, there isn’t much more that we know about them.
What were your favorite parts of the season finale? Let us know in the comments!

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